Weekend Funk & Fun in the Snow

by Courtney on December 22, 2014

Happy Mondayyyyy, my friends! I’m sure it’s going to be a quick/fun/exciting/hectic/ exhausting week for many of us, so here’s to gearing up to face it all head on.

I’ve got just two work days on the agenda this week, then I’m off on a little mini Christmas vacay, which I am so looking forward to. Hard to believe the week is already here! Thankfully, with the exception of two more quick gifts I have to pick up today, I am done with my shopping and about 85% done with my wrapping. Woop! I spent a couple of hours out braving the mall yesterday and did some (good) damage, so I’m really looking forward to giving all of our gifts to loved ones soon.

So I really don’t have a ton to share about the weekend with you all today. It was a good one, but I felt in somewhat of a funk. It quite possibly could have just been the PMS talking, but I was feeling a little…blah. I’ve been working on snapping myself out of my funk and, lucky girl I am, even got some pretty flowers from my hubby on Saturday to cheer me up.


Aren’t they so pretty and festive?

I got in a couple of good, quick workouts on both Saturday and Sunday, which felt really nice since I had taken all but Monday of last week off after getting sick. I also took a page from Chelsey and Ashley’s book and hung up all of our Christmas cards using some twine and clothes pins.


We don’t have a ton of extra room in our house, so any way I can utilize the space that we do have is a-okay in my book!

Jay and I (okay, mostly Jay) cooked up a couple of good, simple dinners this weekend, too. On Saturday, we had grilled chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, and green beans.


And on Sunday, we had Chicken Parm Burgers (sans buns, only because we didn’t have any) and side salads.


On Sunday, I also took care of the grocery shopping and some other shopping for Christmas Eve (we’re hosting the family!) and later that afternoon, we decided to take Lucas out to play in the snow! It’s probably only going to last another day or two (it’s supposed to rain all Christmas Eve…how festive, right?), so I figured we might as well take advantage.

At first, he wasn’t quite sure what to think of it. He refused mittens so, of course, any time he fell or bent down to touch the snow and his hands got cold…well, he didn’t love it. So then we finally got the mittens on his hands and, well, he didn’t love that either…


Then I showed him that he can actually eat the snow (as long as it isn’t yellow Winking smile), and then it was an entirely different ball game.


So we walked around the backyard, picking up snow and eating it every few steps. He was having a ball!


As I type this up on Sunday evening, I still have some other blog work to do AND a cookie tray to make up for Jay to bring to work tomorrow (along with a few for me to eat too, of course), so I’m signing off for now!

Hope you all have a great week ahead, and I’m sure I’ll check in with you again soon. Smile


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