Fun Facts Friday {10/24}

by Courtney on October 24, 2014

1. This week has been…blahh. Not so much at home (love being with my guys), but work has been totally insane (another girl is out this week so I’ve been doing double duty) and yesterday was just quite. the. day. I think the only times I actually left my desk were to pee. Like, twice. This weekend cannot come soon enough!

2. Since I had zero time yesterday, it wasn’t until about 9pm last night when I went to look at yesterday’s LaMaLu giveaway post and realized that the Rafflecopter widget thing never carried over correctly. Sorry guys, that was super lame! It’s fixed now, in case you didn’t want to bother clicking for some extra entries before.

3. Can I just say HOW excited I am for tonight? We’ve got a group of 10 of us husbands and wives (most of the Book Club girls) heading out for dinner, drinks, and fun. Lucas is spending the night with my in-laws, which means that Jay and I will get to have another leisurely Saturday…but I’m not gonna lie. Once I wake up and have my coffee and breakfast, I’ll be more than ready to go see the little guy!

4. Last weekend, I noticed that the blog was getting a little more love that usual, and I realized that someone had linked to an older post of mine that I had totally forgotten about. If you happen to have any Halloween or fall/festive gatherings coming up, I’d highly recommend you try making a Pumpkin Keg. I had totally forgotten about it but now I totally want to make it again!

5. One week until Halloween! Anyone planning on dressing up? After spending WAY too much money on our costumes last year (Lucas was so little!!), I’m taking this year off and just going to be dressing up the child. He looks so stinkin’ cute in his costume, too! Now the question is…will he actually keep it on? Bets are on NO.

6. So I know I mentioned this briefly on Wednesday, but yes, I’ve finally gone ahead and signed up for Fabletics (affiliate link!). If you’re fully immersed in the blog world, you’ve probably already heard about it, but it is a wicked adorable line of activewear from the always adorable Kate Hudson. When you sign up as a VIP member, the cost of the outfits instantly gets slashed (in half right now?!?) and they give you personalized outfit picks every month. It’s totally free to join, but I can’t promise it’s easy to not shop. I’m planning on getting this adorable outfit…


And can you believe that all three pieces are only $39.95? That’s, like, unheard of.

7. I need to know…why is it that, as soon as it starts to rain, it seems like suddenly everyone forgets how to drive a car. We had a good amount of rain yesterday morning and my commute into work was just awful. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I get it…driving in the rain can suck…but really? Sorry…looks like I hadn’t vented all of my frustration yet. I feel muuuch better now.

8. Guess who’s getting her hair cut this weekend?! I don’t think we’re doing color yet – we may hold off on that until next week. But I’m still planning on going with the color I showed you guys last week. SO excited to finally have a fresh ‘do’ for a change!

9. Last night we made an older recipe of mine that I had kinda forgotten about up until recently…Light ‘n Easy Cincinnati Chili!


That pic doesn’t nearly do it the justice it deserves so definitely be sure to check out the original recipe post. It’s freakin’ delicious and will give you lots of leftovers if you’re only feeding two of you.

10. I’m totally crushing on this dress from Target right now. And this tunic (I bought it in grey last year and loooove it). Oh, and this scarf. Crap, Target. Why do you do this to me? #muststayaway

11. Okay, so it’s not the best picture of my child, but Lucas has discovered a new talent that I just find it too amusing not to share with you all.


Pick me a winner, bud.

On that note, I’m off to bed (it’s Thursday night…no way I have time to write posts in the morning!). Gotta get some sleep so I can wake up for my hot date with Shaun T and some T25 and 5:30am. Woot woooot!

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend, you guys! I’ll catch up with ya next week! xoxo


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