Fun Facts Friday {7/18}

by Courtney on July 18, 2014

1. Jay and I both took the day off of work yesterday and the highlight of our day was easily bringing Lucas for his first-ever trip to Hoffman’s Playland.

photo 3

For those of you who aren’t from the area, it’s a local amusement park that’s been around since 1952. Jay and I both have very fond memories of going with our families while we were growing up and, sadly, this summer is the last summer they’re going to be open. So even though Lucas was too small to ride a majority of the rides, we still had to make sure he had a chance to experience it.

A nice little ride on the merry-go-round and a spin on the caterpillar.

photo 2photo 3

We had SUCH a great time!

photo 2photo 5

2. Speaking of Lucas…he has a new favorite game.


He sits in front of the two pillows and waits for me to cover him with another. Then he “hides” while I try to find him, and then we play peek while he giggles and laughs the entire time.


For that reason alone, I think it’s now one of my favorite games too.

3. Wednesday night was a night out on the town!


Jay and I headed out to City Beer Hall (which we hadn’t been to since back in 2011?!) where we met up with Brian and Mal.


The place was packed but we were lucky enough to find a spot at the bar to grab some beers and free pizzas (free pizzas with every pint of beer!).


Since the pizzas are paper thin and certainly not enough to hold my appetite for the evening, we ordered some more food and just so happened to have our table ready as soon as the food was up. Perrrrfect timing.



4. So why were we out on a random Wednesday night, you ask? Well…


It was the Justin Timberlake concert, baby! (remember when we got our tickets for Christmas?) Jay, myself, and my brother had the tickets, and Brian and Mal also wound up getting tickets but were a couple of sections over from us.


The concert was amazing. Amazing! It had been years since I’d last been to any sort of concert (besides TSO) but I was quickly reminded about just how loud those things get.


Man, did I feel old.


Has anyone else had a chance to see his show?!?

5. Flurry’s are a wonderful, wonderful creation. Vanilla + Oreos + Heath bars make me one happy girl.


6. If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already saw me being all super cheesy in the video I posted last night. But in case you missed it…

Be sure to enter the challenge you guys! Just make the smoothie, snap a pic, upload to Instagram with the hashtag #versachallenge. Dooooo itttttt.

7. This weekend, I’m headed to New Hampshire for a bachelorette party weekend for my friend, Eileen! We’ll be beachin’ it up and heading out on the town, so I’m sure it’s gonna be a blast. Hopefully this mama can channel her inner party girl and manage to stay up past midnight for a change.

8. Have you checked out my Jamberry Nails party? Seriously, the nails are awesome – be sure to take a look!

9. Our bathroom remodel is slowly but surely coming along…it’s finally starting to look a bit like a bathroom again.


10. These facts were long today, whew! Time to jet…hope you guys have a fab Friday and a wonderful weekend! Smile


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