An “Udderly” Important Message!

We’re one step closer…


The lighting and electrical is finished!!! 😀 The boys worked really hard last night and were able to get everything accomplished that they wanted. Tonight, Jay had another friend of his over to start looking at some changes with heating that need to be made. We gotta start workin’ QUICK: we just got word that the cabinets are being shipped tomorrow! 😯

Thank goodness, because it’s getting pretty difficult to find decent places to take photos…


After a fabulous strength workout, courtesy of Jackie Warner’s 40 Minute Total Body Power Circuit on Exercise on Demand, it was time to enjoy some breakfast. Actually, it’s more like a snack, but I was really craving peanut butter and since I can’t bring it to school (ohhh the horrors!) I squeezed a little bit in before I left.


The other half of my banana was enjoyed once I got to work in a fabulous yogurt bowl:


A pineapple flavored Chobani + diced fresh pineapple + 1/2 sliced banana + granola


It was a nice change of pace in the flavor department! 😛


I needed something different in today’s lunch. I didn’t feel like packing up any leftover soup, and I couldn’t have another yogurt. So I rummaged through the fridge and came up with a little tortilla concoction:


My apologies, please. I realized once uploading this photo that it pretty much looks like barf. Ooooof. 😳

I promise though…it didn’t taste like barf! 😉 Using a LaTortilla Factory wrap, I spread the inside with a wedge of The Laughing Cow Light Blue Cheese + some Garlic Eggplant Spread. It was a smooth, creamy, subtly spicy combo that was “utterly” scrumptious (pun definitely intended). 😉


I need your help…and your VOTE!!

The Laughing Cow is currently holding a “Bring SnackJoy to Life Personality Contest.” They asked various bloggers to create a unique personality for one of five flavors of cheese. I, along with six others, were asked to come up with a new slogan for the Light Blue Cheese flavor. Voting has just recently opened and I would totally appreciate it if ya checked it out and gave me your vote!

VOTE FOR MY “UTTERLY” FANTASTIC SLOGAN! <—Yup, go ahead, click it!

(I’m cheesy, I know.)

Thanks so much all you fantastic readers…you rock! :mrgreen:

Oh yeah…here’s more of today’s mid-day meal.



While scrounging through our boxes of food for something to make for dinner, I came across a can tuna.

Okay, I can do something with this!”


I went ahead and made a tuna salad medley of sorts, using anything in the fridge I could find that could possibly coordinate:

  • celery
  • red onion
  • pickles
  • carrots
  • Vidalia onion relish
  • light mayo (1-1/2 tbsp?)
  • salt, pepper, & garlic powder

I used about 2/3 of the tuna salad on top of an Arnold’s Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin + a slice of reduced fat provolone.


Well it certainly worked! This salad turned out flippin’ fantastic; slightly sweet from the Vidalia onion relish, just enough creaminess from the mayo…Mmmmm. 😛

On the side I steamed up a head of broccoli that I found hiding in the back of the veggie drawer.


And I ate my dinner on the floor…because that’s how I roll. 😉


Tonight I’m planning on writin
g out some Christmas cards! ‘Tis the Season!! 😀

Question for the Evening:

Do you send out holiday cards? Do you send traditional cards or photo cards?

Since Jay and I moved in together (this will be our 3rd Christmas living together), we’ve always sent out traditional cards. I like being able to make them more personable. :)


  1. says


    i’m sending out christmas cards for the first time this year. i’m doing a photocard of my new puppy :)

    …i’m jealous of your pineapple chobani. that’s my favorite flavor, and the market by my house doesn’t sell that flavor…i can only find it at whole foods and it’s ALWAYS sold out!

  2. says

    Voted for your slogan! I send out the picture holiday cards so family and friends can see recent pictures of my girls. Before kids I sent out regular cards with a personalized message.

  3. Haley says

    OK – please forgive me in advance – I just can’t help myself – I was a journalism major and the daughter of an English teacher – but shouldn’t it be Udderly instead of “utterly”? Or am I the one confused? Which I’ll be honest – it wouldn’t be the first time.

    • says

      Haha, thanks for bringing this up!
      Utterly would be the proper way to say/spell it, but I suppose if I’m using it in quotes to make a pun, then “udderly” could also be substituted. :)

  4. says

    Just voted for ya–good luck! Glad to see things are moving right along in your kitchen. I just wrote out xmas cards last night..I am actually ahead of schedule this year surprisingly!!

  5. Annette says

    Voted! Always send Xmas cards. Think its lovely to send and recieve a card from friends and family. Royal Mail not so reliable at the moment though with all the snow about…..feel a walk coming on to deliver those closest!

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