Bombers Burritos and Margaritas

Sometimes, there’s nothing like a night out with one of your best girlfriends to lift your spirits and put you in a fantastic mood!

Tonight, Sarah and I headed out to dinner at a popular local restaurant, Bombers Burrito Bar.


If you live anywhere near the Albany area, then I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Bombers before. They’ve got some phenomenal food, and some even better margaritas!


Sarah and I arrived fairly early, so we grabbed a table (which is hard to do if you arrive any later than 6 or 7pm) and ordered ourselves a couple margaritas.

My margarita of choice was the Bahama Mama, which included my beloved Malibu rum. I am a total sucker for Malibu!


Sarah decided on the “Jimbo,” which is actually half frozen margarita and half beer.


Yes, you read that correctly! I know it sounds weird, and I was pretty apprehensive myself, but I’m telling you. This thing was good!!


We both thoroughly enjoyed sipping on our margaritas while chatting away about anything and everything.


Wait, haven’t I seen this picture before?? Winking smile


Bombers actually holds quite a special place in our hearts, so it was so fun to reminisce and see what a better place we’re both in now, compared to what we were years before. This was actually a pretty important motto for us tonight:

As bad as things may seem at the time, they will always get better. Smile

Eventually, we realized the tequila may have been doin’ a little talking, so it was time to order some food!


I ordered my favorite, the Pulled BBQ Pork burrito, light on the cheese.


As I’m sure you can probably see, these burritos are no joke. I almost feel a little like Adam Richman from Man vs. Food when tackling these things. Winking smile


While I have been known to house a full one of these in one sitting, I thought better of it and limited my portion to half. Actually, I have no idea how I ever ate a full one of these in one sitting…it’s kind of embarrassing to think about. Embarrassed smile


On the side, Sarah and I both made sure to order our favorite sweet potato fries. What can I say, I’m a sucker for the things.


And since we knew we were still going to be there for a while, we ordered ourselves another drink. This time, it was a Magic Hat #9 Seasonal.


At first, I wasn’t too fond of the taste, but after a few more sips it actually turned out to be a pretty tasty brew. I’m sure the sweetness of the margarita beforehand had something to do with my initial shock in taste.

Sarah and I sat and chatted for over 3 hours tonight, and I must say that it was definitely a much needed night out.

We had a bit of a hard time realizing we should look at the camera and not ourselves…so we gave up. Haha, oops! Winking smile


We had such a blast and decided that we definitely need to make it a more frequent thing! Smile

Now, it’s getting to be past my bedtime, so I’ll catch ya’ll tomorrow!!


  1. says

    Those chips look delicious! I love malibu too- my friends always laugh at me when i order it because apparently it’s not a ‘real’ drink!

  2. says

    I wish I had a restaurant like that around here!
    I have never heard of a margarita/ beer combo.. sounds weird but looks GOOD!
    I will have to make sure to give it a try if i ever see it on a menu!

    Also, those burritos and fries look killer!
    Sarah recently posted..Yummy Package

  3. says

    Looks like fun. And the burritos look delicious. I’m glad I’m not the only one that indulges in a margarita every now and again.

    And I so feel you about looking back and wondering how I ate a whole portion. That happens to me quite often. Knowing when to say when is a huge part of heathy.

  4. says

    I LOVE a good bahama mama especially on a cruise 😉 Looks like such a fun girls night out. That pork burrito looks massive!!! O_O I could probably eat the whole thing. Maybe…But there would be massive tummy ache.
    Jenny (Fit Girl Foodie) recently posted..Party Weekend!

  5. says

    What a fun girly night! Love those!

    Don’t worry, I am confident that I could put down that whole burrito, too. Not that I need that much food, but I am definitely guilty of overdoing it with stuff like that. Nice work controlling yourself! 😉

  6. says

    I always say I am only going to eat half a burrito at Qdoba’s, but my appetite usually gets the best of me–looks like you girls had a blast though! :-)


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