“Wouldn’t Know They’re Healthy” Blueberry Muffins

Healthy Blueberry Muffins! (see recipe below)


Happy Monday! I hope everyone’s weekend was fantastic! Just catching up?

Well, I was greeted with the most beautiful sky bright and early this morning on my way to the gym. Can you see the little sliver of the moon still up there?


Being Monday, that meant that BodyCombat was on the agenda. Luckily, I had Jen there today to keep me company and the two of us had a blast punching and kicking our faces off.

After class, we headed over to the scary part of the gym for some extra upper body weight moves. Similar to last week, my moves looked somethin’ like this:

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Shoulder Press 8 lbs. 15 3
Alternate Tricep Kickbacks 8 lbs. 15 2
Tricep Extensions 15 lbs. 15 2
Alternating Bicep Curls 8 lbs. 15 3
Chest Press 15 lbs. 15 3
Lat Pull Down (machine) 40 lbs. 15 3

Once I got home, it was time for some breakfast. I had been thinking about it the whole car ride…


Iced coffee…


And an absolutely incredible buckwheat bowl. Really, I’m not exaggerating.


I used my regular buckwheat base, stirred in some fresh blueberries, and then topped it with a tiny drizzle of maple syrup + a crumbled blueberry muffin.


As always, it was the toppings that totally made this bowl. The crumbled muffin was perfection!


Now…remember yesterday when I told you all that I made these muffins?


Well yesterday, I also promised you a recipe.


Don’t worry…I always keep my promises.

These muffins are seriously just awesome. I’ve baked my fair share of “healthified” muffins in the past; some are very obviously healthy, some only slightly. But these, I must say, are probably the best healthified muffins I’ve ever made. They’re not too chewy or dense. They’re light and fluffy with a slightly crunchier top. In a word, they’re knockyoursocksoffamazing.

What? That’s not a word? Well, it is now. Winking smile




Now, don’t let the longer ingredient list scare you. It’s all simple ingredients, really. They are beyond easy to whip up and are totally every second you put into making them. From start to finish, it probably only took me about 10 minutes to prepare…piece of cake, if you ask me!


If you do two things today, I think you should bake a batch of these, then go and bid on a batch of these.


Let me know if you decide to do either one. Winking smile

Questions for the Morning (they’re baaaaack!):


  • Dye your hair permanently pink -OR- eat five bites of raw hamburger meat?
  • Watch a marathon of M.A.S.H. -OR- have to watch the Food Network all day and not eat?
  • Not be able to eat chocolate -OR- not be able to drink coffee?


  1. says

    -Pink! I think I could rock it.
    -Food Network–at least I’d get to look at food and *imagine* eating it.
    -I’d rather not be able to eat chocolate. Sometimes a girl NEEDS her coffee!!

    Ps. The muffins look scrumptious!

  2. colleen says

    1. Neither-yuck to both
    2. Watch the food network all day without eating-I can’t eat any of what most of them make anyways since I have Crohns and Celiac so I’m okay with that!
    3. Not be able to eat chocolate-no matter the disease no one will take away my coffee!!!

  3. says

    I just made some oatmeal blueberry muffins, similar to yours, and was truly impressed with how “unhealthy” they tasted! I’ll try these too, I always love a good blueberry muffin!

    I would dye my hair permanently pink – it probably wouldn’t surprise people since I live for pink! Raw hamburger meat – omg nasty – I can’t even eat a hamburger unless it’s at least medium well to well.

    I’d totally watch a M.A.S.H. marathon – that show is hilarious!

    You’re not really making me choose between chocolate and coffee are you? I mean, seriously? I guess, I’d give up coffee. I can get my caffeine elsewhere – but chocolate is a FOOD GROUP. I’d never give it up. Ever. Never ever.

  4. says

    hahahaha. I love your questions!

    -the raw meat…I guess.
    -food network, for sure.
    -I’d forgo chocolate for my caffeine fix any day!

    …Is it weird that I think about my breakfast during my workout & not just on the way home?

  5. says

    Yumm! I need a way to use up some bananas, this could be my answer!

    eat 5 bites of raw hamburger meat, which says a lot since I don’t eat red meat!

    MASH marathon! I used to watch it with my Grandpa all the time so it reminds me of him :)

    Tough one but because I only started to drink coffee recently I think I could go without it versus chocolate I have been enjoying for 20 some years!

  6. says

    Hey girl — I’m exploring baking with Chobani..it’s great..everything is so moist. Thx for the YUM recipe!

    As for the “would you rather” — my hubby and I play this all the time!
    1) I’d go for the hamburger meat (my work is too professional for pink hair)
    2) I’d watch the Food Network and not eat — I could handle that!
    3) No chocolate would be A-ok by me. I like it, but don’t love it. Coffee I do LOVE!

  7. says

    Yummm! Those muffins look great!

    1. I’d eat the hamburger meat. People eat their beef practically raw all of the time. I’d just pray in advance that I didn’t get some disease. :/
    2. I’d probably choose Food Network. Although it would be incredibly difficult not to eat all day, I already watch a lot of Food Network and it usually doesn’t make me crave foods. I’m a pro. 😉
    3. This is the hardest one. I guess I’d have to give up coffee… and then eat GI-NORMOUS portions of chocolate to get my caffeine fix. 😉

  8. Amy says

    You come up with the best would you rathers!!! I’d have to say, 1.) hamburger meat (nasty but really, pink hair? for your life?? awful!!), 2.) Food network DEFINITELY 3.) No chocolate. Caffeine= life :)

    Those blueberry muffins look delicious!!!!

    Have a great day everyone…

  9. says

    Mmm I starred this. I love blueberry muffins but often avoid them because theyre not that healthy!
    I would rather eat 5 bites of hamburger meat (but this was a tough one), watch MASH, and not able to drink coffee (I don’t like it!)

  10. says

    Kim over at “The Ungourmet” has a healthified blueberry muffin I think you will like: http://www.theungourmet.com/2010/03/lemon-blueberry-poppy-seed-muffins.html

    Now for the fun “WOULD YOU RATHER”: 1.) eat five bites of hamburger because oddly, I like raw hamburger. Yup. I’m weird. 2.) Watch food network all day and not eat. I could probably stand to lose weight salivating. It’s ok. 3.) Not be able to drink coffee. I have to be able to have chocolate, preferably with a side of Brambleberry wine.

  11. says

    Ooh! These are on my “must make” list!

    1. Raw meat–but only after I get over this stomach virus! :(
    2. Food Network. MASH is the WORST.
    3. I can (and have) given up coffee. It’s not pretty, but I know now that I can live without it. Chocolate, on the other hand? Never gonna happen!

  12. says

    I love healthy things that aren’t healthy!

    Questions –
    1. Pink hair
    2. Food network (I’d be sooo mean by the end of the day though)
    3. I loveee coffee, but I need chocolate!

  13. says

    I need to make those blueberry muffins! Especially since I just bought an enormous package of fresh local blueberries :).

    Eat five bites of raw hamburger meat
    Not be able to drink coffee (I drink tea/coffee because I love the taste but don’t NEED caffeine in the morning :))

  14. says

    Wow what a gorgeous sunrise! And I’ll have to bake those muffins, looks delish and I love anything healthified 😉

    I would rather…
    1. Eat five bites of raw hamburger meat…My mother-in-law actually does this to see if the seasoning is just right :)

    2. Definitely watch a marathon of M.A.S.H. …I would just die at the mere fact of not being able to eat all day!!

    3. Definitely not be able to drink coffee…this chocoholic has got to have her chocolate…and I guess I could get by with tea instead of coffee!

  15. says

    I may have to try the blueberry muffin recipe and the questions are easy

    -Pink all the way–I dont eat meat to begin with..much less raw! ewww
    -Food Network!
    -I have to have chocolate–I’ve NEVER even tasted coffee!

  16. says

    I just made Tina’s Lemon-Raspberry muffins yesterday! Cory will not be happy if I make a second batch of muffins so soon :) These will be made next weekend for sure!

    Onto the best part:
    – I’d rather look like a fool for 5 minutes while eating raw meat (and then maybe barfing?) than forever looking a little crazy with pink hair. That color would do nothing for my skin :)
    – Oh my sweet Lord! M.A.S.H bores me to tears! And I can’t watch Food Network after dinner because it erases from my mind the fact that I’ve already eaten a full meal…and then I eat some more…
    – I’m not even going to humor the idea of not being able to have chocolate or coffee. That’s like asking “would you rather lose your legs or your arms?” No way, Jose! 😉

  17. Amanda says

    i kind of want to vomit at the thought of raw meat. GROSS.

    those muffins look amazing! bookmarking this recipe now =)

  18. says

    Pink hair all the way. I’ve always wanted to do something crazy with my hair.

    Food Network! It’s one of my favorite channels and oddly enough it never makes me hungry.

    A life without coffee is no life at all so goodbye, Chocolate! :)

  19. says

    ■Pink Hair for sure!!
    ■Food Network and not eat…torture on the no eating~but I love the Food Network channel, I could make a good meal the next day!
    ■Not be able to drink coffee….I love chocolate WAY too much!

  20. says

    -I’d rather eat raw hamburger meat, honestly. 😉
    -Watch FN all day- I do that anyway, even with no food in the house!
    -Drink coffee- at least I could sub in other caffeinated beverages!

    Those muffins look great!

  21. says

    1. This is SUCH a hard one. Probably hamburger meat and go to the hospital right after?
    2. Food Network, I’m so obsessed with it!
    3. I could NOT live without chocolate. Coffee is hard, too…but at least there’s tea!

  22. says

    Fab muffins, can’t wait to try them! :)

    1. Raw hamburger meat for sure, it would all be over in a minute!

    2. MASH – I’d go crazy without food, no matter what I was watching

    3. I’d definitely give up coffee – I’m a tea girl!

  23. says

    These muffins look bomb! I will definitely have to try them!
    1. neither.. I couldnt have a permanent hair color I like switching it up too much,, and I’d rather not take the chance of ecoli hahah
    2. Food Network.. I am one of the weird people who doesn’t eat while watching it!
    3. Coffee… can’t live without chocolate!

  24. says

    Hi! I am new to your blog and so happy I found it! I am becoming obsessed with finding ways to a healthier lifestyle. I recently came off hCG diet to lose about 40lbs I needed to lose, but would still like to lose about 25lbs more. I have been taking some of your food ideas and adding them into my diet now.

    I think exactly like you once did… “how are you eating all of this good looking food and staying slim?”. Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful tips, recipes, and ideas.

    I have not started working out… I am trying to get motivated… Do you have any suggestions as where I should start. I want to tone up and have energy!!

    PS.. I am trying the muffins next week, can’t wait!

  25. says

    These are toughies!!! Well they all are- that’s the point :)
    1. Raw hamburger meat – if it doesn’t kill ya
    2. Never seen MASH but I think I would choose to watch the Food Network all day!!!
    3. Not be able to drink coffee – I could be a tea person!!

  26. says

    These are good ones. haha.

    1. Totally eat the hamburger meat. Is that too superficial?
    2. Food Network. My Dad used to watch MASH on a regular basis and I just never understood.
    3. Now this is tough! But I’d have to go with not having chocolate ever again (as much as it breaks my hearts)…but I have to have coffee every.single.day.

  27. Kathryn says

    Eat the raw hamburger
    M.A.S.H, for sure!
    I’d give up coffee….though that would be a very tough one to do!

    • Courtney says

      I would think so? The original recipe also called for 1/4 oat bran which I omitted and they turned out fine :)

  28. says

    Those muffins look delicious!! Just printed off the recipe.

    OK, here are my answers to the fun questions…

    1) I think I would rather eat the raw hamburger meat. I know that’s grody. My old roommate used to pick at raw meat and eat it while she was cooking. Soo gross.
    2) Food Network for sure! I cannot get enough of that channel.
    3) I don’t like chocolate (I know, weirdo), so I will go with the no chocolate option.

  29. says

    Love blueberry muffins, I usually don’t like muffins but blueberries ones I Do! Wow tough questions- I think I would like to watch food network all day and not eat 😉

  30. Michele says

    Just made these muffins this afternoon. Soo delicious!! Are they still healthy if I eat 2 before dinner??? 😉

  31. Audrey says

    As a vegetarian, and overall fan of cooked foods, I’d have to go with pink hair (again wigs 😉 ).
    M.A.S.H…..I’ve wasted some days watching worse (Real Housewives….oh the SHAME!)
    And seeing as I don’t currently drink coffee, I’d have to bid it farewell 😉

    • Courtney says

      I’ve never baked with wheat bran, but I don’t see why not? Let me know if you do and how they turn out!

    • Courtney says

      I’ve actually never checked, but I’m sure that the ingredients could be inputted into a recipe/calorie counter online somewhere?

  32. Karen says

    Hi Courtney,

    Just wanted to let you know that I made these healthy blueberry muffins on Sunday morning and they were delicous. Seeing as though they were such a hit, I shared with co-workers, I am making another batch tonight. I have a perfect “very ripe” banana and some blueberries that need to be used up. I am thinking of adding a few walnuts?? How do you think that will be?

    Hope your having a great day!

    • Courtney says

      Hey Karen! So glad these were a hit!
      Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of walnuts in my baked goods, so I’m not sure how much help I’d be with that. But for someone who does like walnuts, I suppose it could be worth a shot! I’d probably think about adding anywhere between 1/4 – 1/2 cup.

      Let me know how they turn out if you do!

  33. Karen says

    Hey Courtney,

    They turned out great, we made them lastnight and we went with 1/2 cup of the walnuts. I so knew that you do not like walnuts in your baked goods…I forgot.

    Hope you enjoy your afternoon off and get lots of stuff done. Enjoy!



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