My Two Birthday Boys

Happy Monday!

Happy August!

Happy {insert whatever you’d like to here}!

Just catching up from the weekend? Here’s what you may have missed…

So this weekend turned out to be a little more indulgent than I had anticipated. Beer, bbq, and cake up to my eyeballs, all paired with minimal exercise, left me going to bed feeling pretty gross last night. I was hoping that by the time I woke up this morning I’d be feeling a little better but I actually still felt just as blah.

Despite feeling like a load, I rolled out of bed at 5:15am and made my way to the gym for some BodyCombat (usually, once I get going I feel better). I started feeling pretty good during class and made it through okay, so I followed it up with the same upper body weight routine that I did last Monday. Done and DONE!

I actually worked through the weight routine pretty quick, since I had more important things to do…I had to come home and shower my two boys with some birthday love!



I made sure to give Cody some extra birthday belly rubs this morning. He was totally lovin’ it.


And since hubby did have to go to work, and I was still a sweaty mess, I had to refrain from covering him with birthday hugs and kisses.

Don’t you worry hubs, I’ll get you later…just like I always do. Winking smile


I did, however, send him off to work with more birthday cupcakes to share with his co-workers. They love it when I send them in goodies; almost as much as Jay loves it when I make him take pictures for me. Smile


You know what else he loves? The fact that I will constantly remind him for the next 6 months that he is now OLD. It’s long been a joke between the two of us, since he’s almost exactly 6 months older than I am, that once he hits the age above me, he becomes old. So now that he’s officially 28 today, he is officially OLD againuntil January 30th. Mwahahaha. Winking smile

Once the birthday boy left for work, I poured myself a glass of iced coffee.


I had still been trying to work up an appetite for breakfast, but now I’m finally starting to feel it come back and I’m thinking another batch of protein pancakes is in order! I’ll share whatever it is with ya’ll later on!

Questions for the Morning…it’s WOULD YOU RATHER time!


  • Live in 95 degree weather all year round -OR- 25 degree weather?
  • Go about your normal day naked -OR- fall asleep for a year? (<—HAHA!)
  • Have x-ray vision -OR- bionic hearing?


  1. says

    Happy birthday to your boys! I had a friend that asked me how it felt to be old as dirt on my birthday once joking around. I retaliated asking him how it felt to be OLDER than dirt since his birthday was Jan (mine is Mar). Hah! PS – I guess I am SUPER old since I turned 28 in March this year. 😛

  2. says

    Happy Birthday to Jay & Cody! 😀

    I guess I am ANCIENT–31! Yowsa! You can tell Jay that in case he’s feeling old today. 😉

    I would choose 95* hands down. In fact, I even get cold when it’s in the upper 80s so 95 might be my perfect temp.
    I cannot choose for the second one. Maybe since I’m working from home now I would choose naked just because I could hide!
    I would like X-ray vision, but the kind that lets you see into people’s minds. THAT would be informative!

    Have a great day, Courtney!

  3. says

    95 degree weather, I hate being cold!
    I guess I would go about my day naked, a year is too long to miss!
    Bionic hearing- I think it would come in more useful!
    Happy BDay to your hubby and kitty :)

  4. says

    Happy Happy Birthday to Jay & Cody!! 😀
    The picture of Jay with the cupcakes makes me’s like he’s saying ‘babe, really?!’ Lol 😀
    1. Def the 95 degree weather- I ALREADY live that every single day! Well, more like 105…welcome to FL 😉
    2. Umm, that is hilarious– going with naked all day! I would hate to miss a whole year by sleeping!
    3. Hmmmmmm…bionic hearing- for sure!

    Hope you guys have a great day!

  5. says

    I was totally in the same boat last night when I went to bed – way too much processed food and carbs this weekend, not a lot of water and not a lot of gym time.

    My workout this morning felt great though and I’m just as excited as you to get back to healthy eating.

    Happy Birthday to Jay….and Cody!!!

  6. says

    Happy birthday to Jay and Cody!

    I’d pick 25 degrees. You can always find a way to get warm (hello layers) but you can’t really walk around naked all day
    …which leads me to naked….I can’t imagine missing an entire year!
    Bionic hearing

  7. says

    Happy birthday to Jay and Cody!! You guys are such a cute family :). Btw, your surprise half b-day cake was awesome! I would definitely rather live in 95 degree weather all year. I HATE being cold! Plus, if it was that warm all year I could get a pretty tan and enjoy a pool or beach! Um…I think I would prefer to be nakey for a day…although I am kind of body shy haha. And I would definitely prefer to have x-ray would be awesome to see Ryan Reynolds’ abs through his shirt all the time :)

  8. says

    Happy birthday to both your fellows!! Congrats on being the baby in the relationship for another 6 months!

    I’m actually in the opposite situation, so starting Thursday (for 20 days) my beau and I are the same age! Then, for the next 345, he gets to tease me for my cougar-ways!!

  9. says

    Happy birthday Jay and Cody!!!

    1. Definitely live in 95 degrees…I absolutely hate the cold and love warm/hot weather!

    2. I’d say be naked, I’d hate to miss a whole year of my life!

    3. Bionic hearing!

  10. says

    Happy bday to Jay & Cody!
    These would you rathers are the easiest yet :) 95, naked & bionic hearing! I HATE the cold weather and wonder every single day of the winter why we moved back to NY from FL (I’m an idiot, that’s why) and considering I work from home, going about my day naked wouldn’t be that bad/awkward 😉

  11. says

    Happy Birthday to Jay and Cody!!! I’m sure you’ll be giving them a birthday to remember :)

    I’d definitely live in 25 degree weather, since I HATE this insane heat at the moment.

    I don’t even want to think about being naked in front of everyone, and what could be better than sleeping??

    And bionic hearing would be risky, but more valuable than x-ray vision, in my opinion!

  12. says

    Happy Birthday to Jay and Cody! I always make goodies for my boyfriend to bring to work too. He always jokes that I got him his job because a when he was an intern he brought in Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes and a week later he got a job offer.

    I would rather live in 95 degree weather all year round but with no humidity!

    I guess I’d rather spend the day naked because I wouldn’t want to miss out on a whole year.

    X-ray vision fo sho!

  13. says

    Happy Birthday to Jay and Cody! Hope they have a great birthday!!

    I would rather live in 95 degree weather year round. Here in Michigan, we have winter for 6 months and I HATE it. I’d take 95 degree weather any time!

    I would also hate to miss a whole year sleeping, so I guess I’m gunna have to go with going naked all day.

    Hmmmm…..x-ray vision. Sometimes I just don’t wanna know what people talk about…lol

    Have a great day!

  14. says

    I had the same weekend, lots of food and little exercise. I was too tired to workout this morning so tomorrow I’ll do double bc I’m certainly regretting skipping today. I think I could live in 95 degree weather year round. Cold weather is always a bummer.

  15. says

    Bahahhahah, I love the Would You Rather questions. However, if you are going to make us answer, you need to answer too!

    I would def pick 95 degree weather and sleep for a year (sounds pretty nice actually). The last question, it depends on if I get to pick when to use my secret power. Neither of those sound too appealing if it is ALL THE TIME! Hahah :)

  16. says

    I want cupcakes tooooo! What a cute post. My hubby’s bday is tomorrow, and I always make sure to give him a hard time about being OLD for two whole weeks. He’s a year and 2 weeks older than I am, so he sounds super old for that in-between time. ha

  17. says

    1. definitely 25 degree weather. i hate running in the heat.

    2. sleep for a year…maybe i will be a better runner when i’ve finally caught up with the sleep i’ve been missing.

    3. bionic hearing, only because x ray vision would be super awkward.

  18. says

    OMG thats so funny about the age th ing! My hubby is 1 day short of 6 months older than me! Currently he is old and dating a younger woman etc etc lol!

    I hate both the extremes, but I guess I would choose 95 degrees rather than never see a tree with leaves on it again and all those other good summer things.
    Um… can my normal day be a Sunday where i stay home all day? then i’d choose the nakedness.
    Bionic hearing for sure!

  19. says

    Happy Birthday to Jay & Cody
    and damn I’m ANCIENT (will be 44 in Jan!)

    I’d take 95 degree weather year round (oh wait I almost have that now! in FL)
    day naked and bionic hearing for me :)

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