Mine Was 10x Better


Usually, if I ask Jay in the mornings what he’d like for dinner on any given night, I’m typically given a response along the lines of, “Umm, I don’t know…doesn’t really matter to me.” Yeah. Considering this is usually my response, paired with the fact that I’m also probably one of the most indecisive people…

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Monumental Moments

You know those monumental moments in your life; the ones you spend so much time thinking about, knowing (or hoping) that they’ll inevitably happen, but until they actually do, they almost seem unreal? Kind of like a figment of your imagination. That’s similar to how I used to feel about graduating from college and getting…

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Pyramid Treadmill Workouts

Pyramid Treadmill Workout

Goooood morning, friends! Great news…I am back to feeling like my old self. Thank goodness! Before going to bed last night, I set my alarm for my usual Thursday 5am wakeup call, figuring I’d see how I felt in the morning before deciding if I’d head to the gym. Thankfully, I woke up feeling feeling…

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