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I don’t know what it is, but I swear- 95% of the time, I am more motivated to come home and clean up around the house than I am when I’m home all day long.

I’m pretty sure that I accomplished more in the 45 minutes after I returned home from work yesterday than I did all morning today. I just don’t get it. Is there anyone else out there who’s weird with me?

Despite the lower productivity, I did still get a chance to catch up on laundry and do a little cleaning up in the kitchen, which brings me to my current issue…

For the past few days now, I’ve noticed somewhat of a funky smell coming from somewhere in the kitchen. I assumed that it must be coming from the fridge, since I have a tendency to shove things to the back and forget about them until their ungodly stench reminds me that they’re there.

But after scoping out the fridge, I determined that that was not the culprit. So I continued working around in the kitchen, and as soon as I went to empty the dishwasher I finally discovered where the rank smell was coming from…


Guys, my dishwasher STINKS. Holy hell, it stinks. I’ve never had this problem before so I don’t quite know what to do about it.

Do any of you know how to fix a stinky dishwasher?? Disappointed smile


Today’s lunch ended up being sort of snacky, including a mish-mash of Chobani, an apple with some PB2, and a Clif Z Bar, for now. I didn’t take any photos because I honestly just didn’t feel like it. Sometimes, it just gets sort of boring taking pictures of food, ya know what I mean?

Plus, I was too busy stalking Rue La La and lusting over this Michael Kors Camel Trench Coat.


It’s on sale for $89.90, which is awesome…except for when I’m trying to not spend money. Oooof.


This afternoon, I have a few errands to run, including an attempt to find my new sneakers and a heavier pair of dumbbells.


Lately, I’ve really only been using my 5 pounders because anything heavier than that is from Jay’s bulky set and they just end up hitting me in the shins/knees/sides and causing more trouble than they’re worth.

I’m thinking that a set of 8-10lb. dumbbells should do the trick…then again, maybe I’ll go balls to the wall and grab a set of these monsters?


Then again, maybe I won’t. Winking smile

I’m also stopping at the grocery store so I can pick up a few items to make tonight’s dinner. I am wicked excited about bringing back this favorite recipe. It’s been too long!

Catch ya later, ladies and gents!

Questions for the Afternoon:

How do I fix my stinky dishwasher?

Do you have any funny stories involving dumbbells?


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    You should seriously first check the food trap to see if there’s any food stuck in there. Also, run the dishwasher with white wine vinegar (I swear that stuff can be used for almost anything). Try to rinse off your dishes really well before you put them in the dishwasher next time, and also don’t let them sit for too long (I’ve done that before, and boy does it stink!). Good luck girly!
    Lee @ in the pink of condition recently posted..Team in Training Fundraiser and RAFFLE!

  2. says

    I had a problem with that as well and my gramma found some food inside the food trap and also ran bleach through it (but if it was me I would definitely go for the white vinegar!).

    Kind of funny…I almost toppled over sideways yesterday while doing some sort of leg dips while holding 2 15-pound dumbells–at least I got a laugh out of it!
    Allie recently posted..Favorite Things–August Edition

  3. says

    Yeah we have this problem out our house! It’s bad! My dad says it just needs to be cleaned, I’m not sure if u need to use anything special though. I’m about to just febreeze the s**t outta it! Who wants to clean the dishwasher?

  4. Brianne says

    I dont have an issue with my dishwasher BUT I am the exact same way when it involves being productive!!! I will have a saturday where I have all the time in the world but for whatever reason I clean and do more when I have worked all day then done an hour and a 1/2 at the gym and cooked dinner. I have no idea what the issue is but either way I will take being productive! You would think I would clean on the weekend and just unwind after a tough day and tough workout!

    I guess I unwind with all the blog reading I do! Still not ready for my own blog but I look forward to reading yours as well as PBF to name just a couple! =)

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    You can try scrubbing the inside of your dishwasher with a sponge or pour two cups of distilled white vinegar inside and let it sit for a few hours. Then try running the dishwasher with nothing in it for one cycle. Another thing is that the smell could be coming from the drain in your sink. Try pouring some baking soda down the drain (and especially if you have a garbage disposal). Hope this helps!
    Erin @ The Grass Skirt recently posted..General Tsao Tofu

  6. says

    I’ve done the white vinegar thing and it works wonders. There’s nothing like a stinky dishwasher to make you lose your appetite.

    Once I was doing biceps curls and got an itch on my temple. I went to scratch it without putting the dumbell down (they were 10 lbs each), lost control of it, and it hit me on the cheekbone. Oh my ouch! It swelled and left a little bruise. I’m lucky no one called the cops on my husband!
    Rosa – Fitness, Food, Fulfilled recently posted..Go Away Nasty Bug Bite

  7. says

    I agree w/ the others…baking soda and white vinegar works like a charm!! I make my own dishwashing detergent w/ this stuff anyway but it kills any grotty smells and won’t leave your dw smelling like a salad. (I personally like the smell of vinegar but some don’t). White vinegar is also a great rinse-aid instead of, say jet-dry, or something.

    Good luck! Bizarre kitchen smells are the worst. :)
    Faith recently posted..Back Troubles Can’t Hold Me Down

  8. says

    i had this same problem a couple weeks ago. Now that we live on an army post it’s pretty easy to just call and the maintenance people come BUT in the mean time they did tell me that if your garbage disposal and dishwasher are using the same pipe (which mine are) the chopped up stuff that’s from your garbage disposal is actually sititng in the pipes and when you run water it can push the stink water up in to your dishwasher. I’m guessing that when they went to my house ( i wasn’t home), they just flushed out the main pipe but once they did it’s been good to go. Try draino in the sink maybe??

    And, like you, i get nothing done when im home all day i think it’s the “oh i can just do it later” attitude
    e@thisnotedlife recently posted..lazy days

  9. says

    I get way more done when I’m really busy. I think it’s because you have limited time to do all the things you need to get done, so your schedule is more regimented and productive. Definitely the case for me!
    Brigitt recently posted..Chef Likes My Palate

  10. says

    You just made me feel less alone in the world. I am more motivated to clean before going to work than any other time. I’ve actually been going in later lately, because I’m just a MACHINE. I’m sure my internal self is hoping I’ll ditch work to keep cleaning and then take a nap instead 😉

    lemon or vinegar in the dishwasher. Fresh lemon juice, not the bottled stuff.
    Allie {a teaspoon of LIFE} recently posted..Fantasmic!

  11. Nicole says

    I know exactly the smell you mention, it is the worst! I’m with everyone else that votes vinegar! To prevent the smell, I pour about a cup of white vinegar into an empty dishwasher and run a full cycle, once a month. It also breaks down any sort of build-up that may form inside. It’s amazing the number of ways that vinegar can assist in everyday tasks – a true wonder product!

  12. says

    I am the same way. I am most motivated to clean and straighten the house in the morning before I go to work, when I have the least amount of time to clean and straighten the house. Ugh.

    And I have a super stinky dishwasher too (we inherited it when we bought our house) – I am interested in hearing what people suggest!!
    Kerry @ Half Healthy, Half Nuts recently posted..Skipped

  13. says

    I feel your dishwasher pain… mine is SO bad at draining properly that I don’t even use it anymore but I’ve managed to get rid of the stink by cleaning out the drain (of all the smell rotting food chunks) and then running vinegar through like everyone is suggesting. Sometimes I get funky smells coming from my sink too and I find pouring vinegar down the drain works great too!
    Heather recently posted..Java Joy

  14. Julie says

    ohhh that coat is so cute! i went to rue la la but it was sold out in my size :( probably better since i’m trying not to spend money either!

  15. says

    Me and my stepdad go shopping for my mom every year together, for Christmas. One year, I must’ve been maybe 12 or 13, we were in a department store and I thought I was so strong and started lifting up different sized dumbbells – until I dropped one on my finger! I thought I had broken my finger, but luckily it was just bruised! Ouch!
    Samantha recently posted..The Return of Monday Love

  16. says

    So how did the dishwasher cleaning go? Ours did that a few weeks ago and I ran it empty and it did the trick…but now I know the official solution!

    And put me on the 15lb dumbbell bandwagon! Challenge your body, even if it means less reps! You won’t turn into hulk, but you will notice a change in muscle tone. Promise :)
    Carissa recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday v14.0 – Bean Explosion

    • Courtney says

      Hey Carissa! It went well! I went the vinegar route, and that seemed to help – I also think that there was just some dishes in there that were rather stinky and had been left in there too long. I keep forgetting to mention it again in a post! :)

      Thanks for the tip on the dumbbells…I’m hoping to get there ASAP! 😉

  17. says

    The problem is that the inside of your dishwasher isnt stainless steel. The plastic inside of your dishwasher will continue to smell whenever you run the dishwasher. I would recommend that you continue to use the white vinegar and then when you purchase a new dishwasher, make sure that the inside is stainless steel.
    Lindsay recently posted..HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD

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