Blogger Cookie Swap

Today’s lunch was super easy and involved absolutely zero prep this morning, thanks to the fact that I actually had my act together last night after dinner to do it then.


I put together the other half of my leftovers from last night, including spaghetti squash, steamed broccoli, Newman’s Own sauce, and a dollop of goat cheese.


It was fantastic not only taste-wise, but effort-wise, too. Winking smile

But enough about that…I want to talk to you guys about something else this afternoon!

As a lover of all things sweets, especially cookies, can you just imagine my excitement when I came across this…

Have you heard about The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap yet?

I’m still not quite sure how I stumbled upon it last week, but however it was, I’m thankful. Here’s the deal…

  • Sign up.
  • Receive the addresses of three other food bloggers.
  • Send each of them 1 dozen homemade cookies
  • Receive three different boxes of cookies for yourself from three other bloggers.
  • Share…or don’t share. Winking smile

It’s almost like a Secret Santa + cookie exchange all wrapped into one. I’m in love.

If you want to sign yourself up for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, just click here to head to the website and plug in your info. Sign ups are open through Friday, November 18th, so you’ve still got a few weeks to get on board. Feel free to spread the word, too!


Now that I’ve already committed to the swap, it’s time to start thinking about what cookies I should make. Yes, it may be a little early to start thinking about it, but I tend to be pretty awful at that whole decision-making thing.

There’s always my favorite Crackled Sugar Cookies. These have gotten the best of more than one chocolate lover (ahem, mom).

I could also go with the #1 searched recipe on STSL, the Chewy Chocolate Chip Heath Bar Cookies.


Then again, I can’t forget about the delicious Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies. They’ve been a hit on more than one occasion for sure.


However, maybe I could get really feisty and go with the Brownie-Cookie-Toffee Layer Bars.

Now those babies are sinful. I’d just have to make sure that whoever is receiving those bad boys isn’t on any sort of a diet, if ya know what I mean. Winking smile

Oh boy, decisions, decisions!

Alright, so who’s going to join in on the swap with me??


  1. dee says

    Cookie swap?! Oh how I wish I had some rock solid cookie recipes of my own! :( but now that I know of such a swap, I will definitely practice and prepare for the next one!! I can’t wait to hear about what cookie you decide on and who you’re swapping/swapee-ing with! :)

  2. Shannon says

    The Blogger Cookie Swap sounds so much fun! Whoever will be receiving your cookies or brownies will be estatic. The pictures made my mouth drool. :)

  3. says

    Thanks SOO much for posting about the cookie swap! I signed up today after reading your post. What a fun idea!! I work at a camp about 15 minutes from Albany each summer and I have to say that my favorite part of upstate NY is mousse trail ice cream from Stewarts. If I could create mousse trail cookies for this swap that would be PERFECT! :)
    Susan recently posted..A Rabbi Turned Toga Man

    • Courtney says

      I use a cookie scoop! It works like a charm, and also keeps my hands from getting all messy. I’d definitely recommend it – I use a medium-sized scoop!


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