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Alright, so can I just say that it’s kind of a small victory that I didn’t end up solely eating an abundance of cookies for dinner tonight? I’ll tell ya, after reading about all of the different cookies and goodies that you’re all planning on making this holiday season (from my last post), I could feel my sweet tooth growing by the second.

Umm, not that it usually takes much anyways though.

Lucky for me, there’s been something else on my radar for the past couple of days that finally made its way into the dinner rotation tonight…

Grilled Ham & Cheese!


This wasn’t just any grilled cheese though. This sandwich was top notch, mainly thanks to the Honey-Cinnamon Whole Wheat Bread that I baked up this morning.

I know, right? Sorta crazy to think of using honey-cinnamon bread for a ham and cheese sandwich.

But the only crazy thing about it was that I’d never done it sooner. I paired the bread with a couple slices of black forest ham, provolone cheese, and honey mustard, which proved to be quite the winning combination.


To make for an easy dinner, since I was on my own tonight, I also cooked up a package of frozen broccoli in butter sauce that I had on hand. Bad news my friends. It was pretty gross. Too much soggy, too much butter, and way too much “stem” action goin’ on.


I ended up eating most of the “trees” but tossing the “stumps.” (<—somebody tell me I’m not the only one who refers to her broccoli this way?)


Hey, at least the sandwich did the trick. And a couple cookies later on won’t hurt either. Smile


Later this morning, I ended up doing that yoga that I mentioned earlier, in the form of the Yoga Bootcamp Twisting Detox video. The video runs about 40 minutes and honestly left me feeling super refreshed, long, and lean.

Now I’m definitely no “yogi,” but this video was both intense and a great tension-reliever at the same time. Luckily, I actually have a hard copy of this workout program, so I’ll be able to incorporate it again, which I’m definitely planning on.


I’m so excited to actually be home on a Wednesday evening so I’ll be able to watch my favorite shows in real-time. I’ve seen the previews and tonight’s Modern Family episode looks like it’s gonna be a good one.


Gosh, that Cameron can totally make me laugh! Smile

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Question for the Evening:

Do you prefer to watch your favorite shows in “real-time” or recorded so you can fast-forward through the commercials?


  1. says

    eekkk! I hate over-steamed broccoli too!

    I LOVE Modern Family to no end. We typically record it and watch it 30 minutes after it’s started so we can fast forward through the commercials. :)

  2. Laura says

    not sure if someone commented this yet, but I think Exercise TV will be going on until December 12th. all of the workouts on mine just showed up as “ends on 12-12” today. so we have some time left!

  3. Shannon says

    I love Modern Family! Tonight’s episode was probably one of the best ones-ever. :)

    I prefer to watch my shows in “real-time”. I have a free Zap 2 it account, and favorited the shows I watch so I can track when the new episodes are on TV. (Yes, I guess that’s freaky-but it helps me not to miss an episode)

  4. Genevieve says

    Hi Courtney! :) I stumbled across your site when I was searching for Orange soda cupcakes and I just want to say that your website is really awesome! =) I was reading your Q&A earlier, and I whole-heartedly support your decision to open a bakery/cafe. I’m planning to go New York for my grad trip in 2013 and if your shop is opened by then I’ll definitely pay a visit ! 😀


  5. April says

    I love broccoli, but hate too much stem. My favorite way to have broccoli is roasted with some garlic powder and a drizzle of olive oil.

    I don’t have cable service, so I watch TV shows after they are on DVD, Netflix, or Hulu.

  6. Rick says

    Court – Speaking of TV shows, I saw a commercial on BBC (chan 450) that on Saturday nights they have a show called “Would you rather” it seems they have stolen your idea. I think it said 10 or 10:30

  7. says

    I love grilled cheese sandwiches. They are the ultimate comfort food. :) Stems on broccoli are the worst! I never eat that part.

    I always DVR my favorite shows so I can fast forward through the commericals. I’m always so anixous to see what happens next that I can’t stand sitting through commercials. I almost never watch live tv anymore.
    Hope recently posted..A Free Dinner Kind Of Evening…

  8. Amanda says

    Def agree! I hate broccoli stems! I’ll eat the little ones but after a certain point I just bite off the trees. And Modern Family is amazeeeee :)

  9. says

    There are some shows that I like to watch on the DVR so I can get through the commercials quickly. If I am home to watch the show I do though. It all depends on how busy life is.
    When we do watch shows in real time we always reach for the remote to fast forward through commercials lol
    Ashlee recently posted..Finally, it looks like Christmas

  10. Amanda says

    I’ve been wondering about that yoga video – since you liked it I may do it tonight! Trying to pack in lots of exercisetv on demand before it goes away!

  11. Crystal @cuppycakefreak says

    I LOVE Modern Family! Cameron is sooo awesome! Love him! Do you watch The Middle or Subergatory? They are also on Wednesday and super funny too. New Girl on Mondays is also a crack up!

  12. says

    i just had a great idea! We should do a workout DVD SWAP – maybe with Jen, too? Where we trade DVDs for a month or so and get a new workout in. THis may help your decrease of on-demand exercise sadness!!! what do you think!?
    Heather recently posted..Oh, Mr. Clause!

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