The Only Logical Thing

Good morning and happy Monday!


Love, Cody and his Mama Smile

Code-man was really itching for some attention this morning, so we wound up spending about five minutes hanging out and playing fetch.


He was definitely in rare form to start.


But his attention fizzled out pretty quickly…


Aaaaand, he was done. Winking smile


Such a cutie, I’ll tell ya!


Nothin’ you haven’t seen before today, folks. A classic nut butter, banana, and chia seed English muffin with coffee.


I couldn’t really decide whether or not I wanted almond butter or peanut butter today, so I did the only logical thing and had both. Almond on the left, peanut on the right.


The peanut butter won out half way through, so I saved that half for last. Even better, it was on the best half. Winking smile



Today’s workout was the usual Monday morning BodyCombat, but it was an awesome class. My motivation to go was only so-so this morning, but I knew once I got there, I wouldn’t regret it. My shoulders were on FIRE for at least 3/4 of the class, and when they weren’t, my legs were. Gotta love feelin’ the burn!

Just Catching up?

And of course, just in case you’re playing a little catch-up this morning, here’s what you may have missed on STSL over the weekend:

**Side note: I’ve only had one winner contact me from the Working Out Sucks book giveaway. Make sure to check and see whether or not you’re one of the other two!**

Have a great day, everyone!!

Question for the Morning:

What are some of your biggest motivators for working out?


  1. says

    Motivation to work out comes from how much more energy you have through the day (even sometimes despite how much sleep you get!).

    Ps I haven’t seen Body Combat classes since coming back from Australia-Les Mills is huge over there. I LOVE Body Combat!

  2. says

    My cats were going wild this morning when I was working out. It made mountain climbers quite interesting as well as crunches with cats nibbling and clawing at my toes, thinking they were toys this morning…… I think they aren’t impressed with the husband and I going back to work last week, they liked us home on Christmas break.
    Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles recently posted..Fajita Roasted Chickpeas –Bet you can’t eat just 48–

  3. says

    My biggest motivation is the confidence I feel when I get a good workout in. Days when I think I’ll be happier to just skip a workout, I almost always end up wishing i had gotteb my exercise in. I don’t work out too hardcore, maybe 4 or 5 days a week, but when I skip my regular workout due to laziness, I definitely regret not having the extra boost of energy and extra love for myself and my body that working out gives me!
    Jana @ Newly Wife Healthy Life recently posted..Splish Splash

  4. says

    My biggest motivation for working out is just that I like to have a goal. It could be as simple as just to MOVE for an hour or as big as wanting to run a marathon (which I’m currently training for–YIKES!). For me, it’s about having a goal just to see if I can do it. Can I up the weight in my strength workout? Well, it’s going to be a lot harder, but yes I can! Can I run a mile further than I’ve ever run before? I may have to go slower, but yes I can! That’s a pretty great feeling if you ask me!
    Melissa recently posted..Seems to be a Lemon

  5. says

    Cody is the coolest cat, next to mine of course. 😉 I love it when my cat gives me that look. “oh great, now I have to play with her.” I swear we just live with them and they are in control! lol!!
    I felt the same way with my workout this morning….could have stayed in bed, must be a front coming in! Once I was done however, my joints liked me again.
    Have a great day!
    Brandi @ Faith Fitness and Laughter recently posted..Surprisingly Satisfied

  6. dena b says

    I stay motivated by knowing my health is top priority and any other chore or item on my to-do list can wait until after my daily work-out. I would rather regret not doing laundry then missing my workout, I can always find something to wear, I can’t replace a missed workout! I’ve kept this motto going for 2 years and have kept of 20 pounds:-)

  7. says

    Nothing beats the “runner’s high” after pounding the pavement or much like yourself I definitely dig the afterburn I feel after a great session lifting weights :)

    I love that Cody fetches and plays like a dog – much more than my lazy bones pup lol

  8. says

    I love that you had a “favorite” side of your English muffin because I do that all the time!! I’ll do different things on each side and then always seem to favor one side and will save it for my last bite! I thought I was the only weird one who did that. Haha. Glad to see I’m not :)

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