Why January Is Awesome

January is pretty awesome, if you ask me; and so far, it’s even better this year because we have had to deal with too many days of the obnoxious, freezing-cold temperatures (*knock on wood*).

Not only does January bring a fresh start to a new year, but it’s also my anniversary month, my birthday month (3 weeks away, not that I’m counting or anything), and the birthday month of some pretty other awesome gals, including Ms. Alyssa who celebrated yesterday, and my bestest, Heather, today!


(at Heather’s wedding in 2008)

Happy 28th Birthday, Nutjob! Smile



One of the things I love about Mondays is the fact that I get to eat lunch at home. I absolutely love having the luxury of eating lunch at home once a week; everything just seems to taste fresher and I can decide right then and there what I want. No need for pre-planning.

Today’s lunch was definitely a winner. I made myself a turkey wrap using 3 slices of low-sodium deli turkey, hummus, spinach, tomatoes, and a bread & butter pickle (of course!) on a LaTortilla High Fiber Whole Wheat tortilla. The LaTortilla Factory brand of tortillas is by far my favorite. They’re always so fresh, not loaded in calories like many other brands are, and there’s a ton of different flavors, too.


On the side, I added some baby carrots and the rest of the plum tomato that I had sliced up for my wrap.


I ate lunch while watching the afternoon news and reading through my latest issue of Real Simple.


Ten ideas for easy breakfasts, huh? I’m interested!


There were definitely a few on the list that caught my eye, so don’t be surprised if you see them popping up around these parts soon. Smile


I think I’m in the mood to make soup tonight for dinner. Hopefully that can still be counted as part of my plan…I’ve got my first check-in with Jim tonight, so we’ll see how it goes!

Question for the Afternoon:

How do you feel about January? Love it? Hate it? Could care less? Winking smile

Where are the rest of my fellow January birthday friends?!?! Holla!


  1. says

    January babies are the best babies… I shamelessly say that all the time. 😉

    thank you for the birthday love! truth be told, when you texted me, I had just woken up from a stellar recovery birthday nap. which is why my reply was half delirious. :)

    how about I teleport to NY in a week or so (smack dab between our birthdays) and we can have a joint january baby celebration? we’ll replace the cake with some Luna Bars and VitaTops.
    Alyssa @ Life of bLyss recently posted..Birthday Wishes

  2. Shanna like Banana says

    Me me me! My bday is Jan 24th and my hubby’s is Jan 2nd. We split the month into bday half months 😉
    Shanna like Banana recently posted..Commitments

  3. says

    as for january, i’m actually not so much of a fan. the weather is surprisingly really nice this year, but most years it’s gross (here in utah), the holidays ending is kind of sad, and there’s just not as much to look forward to (for me). however, i DO like the “fresh start” to a new year! this sounds like such a fun month for you though! enjoy girl! :)
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..Brunch Date

  4. Marie says

    I’m a January b-day; between my husband and his family, it ends up being a birthday week, instead of a day. LOVE it! I can’t wait to see you celebrate yours! Love your blog; you are gorgeous!

  5. says

    My birthday is in 10 days! I wish I liked January better, but I’ve always wished I had a summer birthday . . . maybe I just need to move somewhere warmer! That might solve the problem! I usually don’t like my birthday very much, but I’m trying to get excited about it this year. Maybe if you tell me why you love your birthday so much, I can get more into it–I want to!
    Melissa recently posted..Seems to be a Lemon

  6. says

    I’m usually just trying to push through janurary, not much to look forward to for me. But with the lack of snow this year and mild weather I’ve been getting outside much more and generally enjoying myself a lot more!

  7. says

    I am usually not a huge fan of January but right now I am with our very warm temps, it is tricking me into thinking its Spring and not the dead of winter! By February its Valentine’s Day and I can almost see the end of winter so it gets more love, poor January 😉
    Lindsey recently posted..Least Favorite Vegetable

  8. Lisa says

    this doesn’t have to do w/ the post… but i just saw your tweet from earlier. About the Nike training club app. I just got an iphone jan 3rd… This was my first app and quickly become my favorite App! I have been searching for a way to do my workouts without having to turn off my fave shows at night. I would def. recommend it. :)

  9. says

    I like January-it’s not my favorite month but it’s not a month that I absolutely hate. The good thing abot January is a fresh start to a brand new year. The bad things about January are the week before review week where teachers think it’s ok to slam us with projects/quizzes/tests/etc. and midterms. Ugh. :(
    Shannon recently posted..Here’s the plan

  10. pat says

    January never used to be a favorite month, but my first baby was born in this month and by the time her birthday rolls around at the end of the month, you can see it staying lighter longer in the evening!! : ))

  11. says

    I desperately need new breakfast ideas! My scrambled eggs just aren’t cutting it like they used to. I love January, but because I’m newly graduated, THIS particular January is looking a little daunting!

  12. says

    I Iove January mostly because all the people I love have birthdays this month! ……especially my munchkin! He turns 7 this Friday!

    I am excited to hear about the soyjoy thing…I saw it on FB.:-)
    Jodi recently posted..It’s About Time

  13. says

    my oldest son has a bday this month on the 19th and mine follows shortly after on the 1st of Feb. since it’s so close to january, i have, of course, loved this month forever. to be honest, there’s probably not a month i really don’t love…somehow there’s always a reason to celebrate!!!
    colleen laquay urbaniuk recently posted..i’m scared of God

  14. says

    I always used to dislike January-holidays are over, the weather is freezing, a long time before any break from school… but this year is totally different. My long time boyfriend’s birthday is the 25th, which makes the month more exciting, and I always love a fresh start, so I think I’m turning into January lover. :) What an exciting month for you, Courtney!
    Laura@mypurposefullife recently posted..A Year Can Change a Lot: Part 2

    • Courtney says

      I don’t think you know how much I appreciate this comment! Thanks so much, Kim! I have been playing around with the new camera and I absolutely LOVE it. I used my other camera for the first time since Christmas over the weekend and I couldn’t believe the difference. Anyway, THANKS again! :)

  15. Sherry says

    I agree that January is a good month, it’s my birthday month too. My birthday is tomorrow 1-11, last year it was pretty neat having it be 1-11-11.

  16. Ronda says

    January is awesome! A new year, fresh starts and my birthday, yesterday, January 9! (which is why I didn’t get around to posting too busy having a spa day) and I’m in FABULOUS company as Duchess Kate and I share a birthday!


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