Ikea, Round 2

Hey, friends! How’s your Wednesday going so far?

You’ll have to forgive me for the lack of postage today…I was too busy this afternoon out spending my life savings at Ikea.


Yeah…I’m pretty sure we made up for our last empty-handed trip. Winking smile

Needless to say, we’re both pretty stoked since they actually had everything in stock that we went looking to buy. Ohmygoditsgonnalooksofreakinawesome.

After we shed a tear or two at the checkout line, we managed to scrounge up another two bucks and treated ourselves to some of their non-fat vanilla fro yo.


Ummm, you guys weren’t kidding around…that stuff was delicious! Definitely a great pre-lunch appetizer if I do say so myself.

I’m pretty sure we were in and out of Ikea in less than 25 minutes (which makes the two hour drive down + two hour drive back sound ridiculous) and we were both pretty hungry for something more substantial that fro yo for lunch. We had actually planned on hitting up a Panera on our way back home, but the darn GPS brought us a different way…with no Panera or any other restaurants in sight.

So once we finally hit the thruway, we stopped in to the first rest area we came across. Birthday boy voted for pizza, so that’s what we went with.


That slice of veggie pizza was the size of my face…and then some. I’m pretty sure I have my daily allotted carb intake fulfilled for the day now.

A couple hours later, we made it back home and started to unload…


And now my house looks like a flippin’ disaster area…


BUT, we are making progress!!


Gotta get back to work and see what else we can get finished up before Jay’s softball game tonight!


  1. says

    Yay for Ikea stuff and fro-yo! Boo for the mess and time it takes to put everything together. I will admit, walking into Ikea makes me feel like I am walking into a black hole. Unless I know EXACTLY what I want and EXACTLY where to pick it up, I will not make it out of that store in under two hours. I think they have a restaurant in each store because people get lost for hours and need food to keep going with their shopping adventure!
    Stephanie @ Food and Fitness 4 Real recently posted..Stonyfield Food Superheroes: A Giveaway!!!

  2. says

    Wow…I’m really impressed with your IKEA-furniture-building skills. When I moved a few months ago, I’m pretty sure the assembling of a bookcase resulted in a major blowout because we kept putting it together upside down. Aren’t the directions ridiculous!? Good luck with the rest of it. =)
    Brigitt recently posted..Potato Leek Soup With Summer Squash

  3. Ashleigh says

    I have the same exact entertainment center! It was such a good price and it’s so great for storage. We added those stick-on lights on the top of some of the cubbies and have straw boxes in the ones lining the bottom for DVD’s/games.

  4. Cait says

    yea who would think ikea ice cream is good?! BUt it is…and non fat..
    yumm! (their cinnamon buns are tasty as well..but not non fat lol)

  5. says

    Just think how much more you could have spent going somewhere else than Ikea!! Ikea has great stuff for great prices, overall!!

    I just have to add that I am painting an accent wall in my bedroom as well as my bathroom the waterscape color you used in the living room. My husband and I have been wanting to add some color but I was nervous about it….until I saw your blue wall!!!
    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..WIAW #7 + Deck of Cards Workout

  6. says

    Can you PLEASE tell me which ‘model’ that is of the entertainment center? Craig & I are currently looking for one, and I LOVE the one you guys picked out- it’s similar to what we are looking for. If you don’t mind, I would love to know :)
    Holly recently posted..The REAL Stuff.

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