Baby Tooth: 11 Weeks

Another week down…29 left to go!

11 Weeks

Baby Tooth is just over 11 weeks today and, depending on where you read, he/she is about the size of a fig or lime right now, and is still growing like a weed. The little one also hit a milestone this week, since he/she is officially a fetus and no longer an embryo!

Here’s what else Baby Tooth has been up to this week:

  • hands and feet in front of the body
  • tiny fingernails
  • tiny legs and arms are kicking around (but too small for me to feel anything)
  • ears nearly fully developed
  • open nasal passages
  • bones are hardening
  • hiccupping (he/she is developing a diaphragm)

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

Weight gained: Not much difference from last week – between 2-4 pounds.

Workouts: Two strength workouts (one simply bodyweight, one with some 5lb. dumbbells, including squats, shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and pushups) and one 3-mile walk on the treadmill. It felt so great. Hoping I can keep it up this week and get some more walking in.

Symptoms: Similar to last week…

  • evening sickness and occasional “blah” feelings throughout the day
  • super tired
  • occasional cramping
  • burping…a lot. Sorry, Jay
  • sore “girls” and still pretty bloated. I do, however, think the Metamucil is working a bit, which is a miracle.
  • A new symptom I had this past week was crazy dreams. Almost every night I have dreams I can remember, and some of them are just downright weird, scary, and disturbing. I’ve had more than one of those instances where you wake up and say “phew…it was just a dream!”

Food Aversions: Still not too many. Raw veggies and coffee are hit or miss, but other than that, I’m pretty equal opportunity these days.

Food Cravings: Similar to last week, with nothing too overwhelming…

  • Mexican food
  • Burger King whoppers (yep, still craving them…still haven’t had ‘em.)
  • Yogurt bowls with cereal and bananas
  • Peanut butter
  • Crackers/saltines/tortilla chips
  • Anything salty/savory

Maternity Clothes: Haha, believe it or not, I am sporting some! When my mom and I went shopping for new work clothes, we decided that I might as well just pick up a few pairs of maternity dress pants, since it’d be silly to buy a new pair from somewhere like Express and then not have them fit in a month. The pants are actually super comfy!

I also got a few other items for Christmas, including some tops, a skirt, and a dress…not all of which I’ll be wearing just yet. Or maybe I will…who knows.

Stretch Marks– Are we counting the ones I’m sporting on my thighs? Well, if that’s the case, then yes, they’re there. But none on the belly. For the past few weeks, I’ve actually been these two creams from GNC.


A friend of mine told me that she heard great things, from numerous people, about using the Vitamin E, A&D Cream + Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream from GNC. Right after I shower, I use the Vitamin E, then layer the aloe vera over that. Who knows whether or not it’ll work, but it’s worth a shot, right?

I also have this Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Cream that I sometimes apply in the evening if I remember to apply it. Winking smile

Sleep – Ehh, it’s on and off. Some nights are better than others, depending on how often I have to get up to pee. I also can no longer get comfy sleeping on my stomach. Sigh.

Gender– Still too early, but I’m starting to get a few more girl predictions coming through. I also had a very vivid dream last night actually, and I had a girl. She was even wearing this adorable little pink and white hat, and she just melted my heart! Jay, however, had a dream earlier in the week that we had a boy. If we’re going by the Old Wives Tale of the fetal heartbeat (below 140bpm = boy / above 140bpm = girl) then it looks like there’d be a girl in there, since the heartbeat we last heard was 163bpm. But then again, it’s just an Old Wives Tale…who knows!

Looking Forward To – Experiencing every single moment. I love reading up on all of the new things happening each week. I love feeling all of the different sensations I feel – crappy or not – and I’m embracing all of them. I’m REALLY looking forward to our next prenatal appointment next week though…I can’t wait to see the little one dance again!

Baby Items Purchased: Zero. I’m trying reeeeeally hard to hold off, knowing full well I’ll probably go crazy once we know the sex. Smile

So there we have it…I’m pretty sure I covered everything!


  1. says

    Oh my goodness! I had CRAZY dreams during pregnancy too. Although one cool thing with dreams was that with both pregnancies I had a dream about the baby and from those dreams I just KNEW the sex of the baby. Right both times and added creepy factor…they both looked EXACTLY like I dreamed them!

    Also, I randomly craved McDonalds cheeseburgers and fries when pregnant. With Makenzie, I hadn’t eaten one in at least 5 years yet somehow still craved it BAD. I ended up having them about 2-3 times both pregnancies and don’t feel badly about it at all. Now…no desire whatsoever for the junk but when pregnant, man I wanted it bad and it tasted so good. haha!
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..Not Moving It Monday: Giving In, Not Giving Up

  2. says

    I swore by Bio-oil (you can buy it at CVS or walmart) I only needed one bottle for the whole pregnancy and would put it all over after every shower. It was amazing…not greasy and absorbed quickly…and I NEVER saw a stretch mark :)
    Nelly recently posted..New Years Eve

  3. Nicole says

    We just found out we are having a girl and we are so excited. Some wives tales were…. Her heart beat is over 150 and dr ramzi’s theory was correct! You should try it. At 21 weeks I just started getting a bump… And its high. So good luck and I love reading your updates!

  4. Katie says

    My guess is girl! I had very similar symptoms and cravings to you (evening sickness, Mexican food, yogurt bowls), and an extremely vivid dream that I have birth to a baby girl….and I had a girl!

  5. Lynn says

    You can pick up Mama Mio Tummy Rub at Destination Maternity or Buy Buy Baby (which is MUCH better than Babies r Us) & is tooted by the likes of celebrities who often have access to the best. It’s not outrageously priced either. It’s what I’ve been using & so far, 27 weeks in, no marks (knock on wood!). I keep hearing that they show up sometimes after delivery which I hope I avoid too.

    If the wives tale for the bpm were right, I’d be having a girl too but my little one is a boy. I thought I wanted a girl but finding out its a boy before he’s here has really enabled me to embrace his gender. You’ll be thrilled either way. I suggest when the time comes to for the anatomy scan, have the results put in an envelope, have a gender reveal cake done & find out together with your families. So fun!

  6. Kathryn says

    Can you post some pictures of the maternity pants? I’m currently looking (15 weeks). My baby has a high heartbeat too, but I’ve been told it will go down as it gets older. Last night I dreamt I had a boy and couldn’t remember his name! I’ve been experiencing some weird dreams too:)

  7. says

    I did not start wearing maternity clothes until I was around 5-6 months pregnant. I was still wearing my regular jeans with a rubber band holding the button two weeks before Mason came. It also helped that I lost a bunch of weight before getting pregnant so I had pants that were a size too big.
    Old Navy has nice Maternity clothes. Most of mine came from there and Motherhood Maternity.
    Ashlee @ A Step in the Right Direction recently posted..Sunday Social

  8. Agnes says

    Hi Courtney,

    Just wanted to say I love reading your blog. I’ve been MIA for a little bit and was totally surprised to see your preggo! I’m soooo excited for you guys :D….I’m a labor and delivery nurse and all things your mentioning on your blog is all pretty normal and healthy!! I love when my patients exercise throughout their pregnancy….they’re outcomes during delivery are amazing! So keep up the good work! Try prenatal yoga, soooo many benefits :) and the dreams? Totally normal haha. My friend had that throughout pregnancy.

    Wanted to wish you guys a happy and great new year! Hopefully ours will be great as well :D. My husband and I are also trying (would be our first ). Cross your fingers! Hopefully I’ll be 30, flirty, fabulous and preggers! Lol….


  9. Misbah says

    Ive used palmer in both my pregnancies and not a single stretch mark. Try not scathing if their is an itch. It’s an old wives tale that if you scratch too much the marks appear.

  10. Nicole says

    You look great! I love that palmers cocoa butter! I’m at 32 weeks and have been using it almost every night before bed. So far, not a stretch mark in sight! Although who knows – there may not have been any without it either :) I’ve heard that it is often genetic, so if your mom didn’t get them with you then you will prob won’t either! And don’t forget about the hips, inner thighs and the girls too – those stretch out like crazy! :)

  11. Amy says

    Hi Courtney! I have been reading your blog for awhile and I am pregnant too! :)
    I am currently about 10 and a half weeks, and am finally starting to feel a bit better. I was really nauseous from about weeks 5 – 9.5, but have a lot of the same symptoms you do! I crave mexican things and get headaches at night. I also like to exercise a lot, and have had to force myself to exercise 3-4 times a week. I have never been so tired in my life!
    Anyways, around seven weeks, I was craving a McChicken from McDonalds, I have not had one of them in years!!! Anyways, I caved in, and haven’t had one since! It was good to get the craving out of the way! Good luck with everything and I look forward to your posts!
    P.S. The other night, I read about your chicken quesadillas, and HAD to go home and make them. They were delicious!!!

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