Baby Tooth: 21 Weeks

Little guy is having a regular ol’ dance party up in there as I type this right now…

21 Weeks

Baby Tooth is just over 21 weeks today and is about the length of a carrot or the size of a pomegranate, depending on where you read.

Here’s what Baby Tooth has been up to this week:

  • Baby Tooth now weighs about three-quarters of a pound (well, we know he weighs more than that!) and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long.
  • Movements may turn into full-fledged kicks and nudges (YUP!) and you may also discover a pattern to his activity as you get to know him better (I do notice him more while/after eating!).
  • His eyebrows and lids are present now.
  • At our 20 week appointment last week, we found out that out little guy already has some hair forming on his head and that he’ll most definitely have a good amount when he’s born. I get soooooo antsy to find out what he’s going to look like!!
  • We also found out last week at our appointment that he has “flip flop feet,” which apparently means you have a slight space in between your big toe and second toe. This made us laugh because we didn’t think anything of it, but later on we checked and Jay definitely has flip flop feet. This is a GOOD thing, since we have both always said that we want our babies to get his feet…mine are awful.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

Weight gained: No clue.

Workouts: Pretty sure I only got in 2 or 3 last week. No, probably two. I was having a really hard time getting myself up in the mornings and many of our evenings were busy last week. I do try really hard to stay active during the day though, and I am up and down quite a bit while I’m at work, so I take advantage of any extra movement I can get throughout the day.

Symptoms: Pretty similar to last week:

  • Round ligament pains and low back pain. Not as bad as last week, but they’re noticeable here and there.
  • Hunger comes and goes. Some days, I’m crazy hungry and other days I haven’t really been hungry for snacks in between meals like usual. I’m just going with it.
  • Still hitting up the bathroom numerous times a day/hour.
  • Acne – not so much on my face, but I’m getting back those little bumps on my arms and upper back. Good thing it’s still cold enough to cover up. Winking smile

Movement: All the time for me! Unfortunately, he still hasn’t showed off any of his ninja kicks to dad yet.

Food Aversions: Not too many this week – most things are good to go.

Food Cravings: Ranch dressing, fruit snacks, and diet ginger ale with maraschino cherry juice. How’s that for random?


Sleep: Not too bad. I attempted laying on my stomach the other night just to see what it’d feel like and holy cow did it feel weird. It was almost like there was something underneath me that didn’t even belong to me?! That being said, I’m not at all worried about ever rolling on to my stomach during the middle of the night. My back on the other hand…that’s a different story. I wake up quite frequently on my back and need to scoot over on my side.

Stretch marks? Nada! Raise the roof – WOOP WOOP!

Miss Anything?  Real clothes. Over the weekend I got a real craving for a nice crisp beer, too. Ahh well…all in time!

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: Obviously, finding out that Baby Tooth is a BOY and sharing it with our family and friends.

Which, if we’re being honest, was really just a good excuse to have friends over. 😉

As for interesting? Well, maybe it’s more like me being paranoid. I’ve basically come to the conclusion that I will always find something to worry about during this pregnancy. Anyone else with me? Right now my worry is that I’m going to have a ginormous baby.

After finding out that Baby Tooth was a whopping 15 ounces at our 20 week appointment (and reading everywhere that they’re “usually” 10-11 ounces at that stage), I’ve got myself convinced that he’s going to be huge (part of me realizes this is crazy to worry about, but I can’t help it!). Obviously, there are so many more serious things I could worry about, but this was just something on my mind this past week. I even had a weird dream that he came out like a little toddler and was growing up too fast for me to keep up. Ohh, pregnancy dreams!

Baby Items Purchased: Yes, finally! I’d been holding out for so long, but finally got my fix with some adorable outfits for our little man.

(FYI: Target’s newborn hangers are always the color pink, for those of you who were curious about that before!)

We also have our crib ordered and are planning to order the dresser and a glider by this weekend.

Looking Forward To: Continuing to research for our registries, picking out paint colors and bedding, Jay being able to feel our little guy, and getting started on the nursery hopefully within the next couple of weeks!

Question for the Moms:

Did you have a big/small baby? Were you surprised by his/her size?


  1. Karen says

    Don’t stress about baby being big. Its better than small right? My “little” (not so much?) girl was 2 weeks ahead at my last appointment and my doctor stressed that this is SO MUCH better than a baby who is smaller than they should be. As long as you’re eating well and moving around you’re good to go! We are getting a peek at her tonight in 4-D and I can’t wait to see how big she is now lol. Now that you’re past the 20 week mark things are going to go really really fast! I feel like getting to the 20 week appointment took forever for me and now all of a sudden that was 8 weeks ago!

  2. Lauren says

    I wouldn’t worry too much about having a big baby! I was like 9 lbs 11 oz or something huge and my mom said it was her easiest, fastest delivery out of the three of us kids! :)

    I hope i look half as good as you when I’m pregnant!!

  3. Reghan says

    My husband and I are both not tiny people and I was sure I’d give birth to a linebacker. I also gained 60lbs (oops) but I always measured right on track and my baby was born exactly 1 week early weighing 7lbs1oz! I wouldn’t worry about it at all. Maybe he just got a head start and he’ll even out as you get further along. I bet your baby will be an average 7-8lb baby :)

  4. michelle says

    I had the EXACT same dream when I was pregnant! Definitely freaked me out as well. As far as those sonogram measurements, they are never accurate! I just had my baby boy 8 weeks ago and he was measuring right on track up until my 39th week. I had an ultrasound and it showed he was in the 95th percentile for his weight! Measuring 9`3. (it’s always give or take a pound) he ended up being 8`12. No worries. Focus on your pregnancy now. You’ll do great during labor! It’s always better to have a slightly larger baby then have him measuring smaller.

    PS. You look fantastic!!

  5. Megan says

    I just had my first baby in October. I am 6′ tall and my husband is 6’5″ so I assumed I would have a “long” baby, and I was 10 lb, 8 oz at birth so I was TERRIFIED of having a huge baby too! As the weeks and days ticked by I just imagined the baby getting bigger and bigger, and I wound up being induced at 41 weeks, 5 days. The ultrasound I had 2 days prior estimated the baby being 8 lb, 12 oz…well, she was 7 lb. 15 oz. (20 inches long) so it just goes to show that you can’t really be sure of the size until that baby comes out! Just keep up your healthy habits and enjoy the second half of your pregnancy!

  6. says

    I don’t think the weights at those ultrasound appointments are necessarily accurate or reflect how much the baby will weigh when they’re born. At 30 weeks, I was told my daughter was in the 65% percentile and was already over 4 lbs. Well, she was born at 38.5 weeks and was only 6 lbs. 3 ounces and definitely *not* in the 65th percentile. Now at 7 months, she’s a petite little lady and probably closer to 35th percentile in weight. I could be wrong, but you and Jay don’t look like big people. You probably won’t have a huge baby! You look fab, by the way!
    Lauren recently posted..Confessions of a Shopaholic/Hoarder

    • Courtney says

      Thanks so much, Lauren! I feel like the more I read, the more I hear people getting large “guestimates” but they’re usually smaller. Crazy!

  7. Kris says

    Do not worry! Whatever size your little guy is will be just right:) My doctor told me my baby was going to weigh in at about nine pounds and I wouldn’t be able to have a natural delivery because her head would be too big. She weighed in at six pounds, so don’t worry their measurements can be off. Just enjoy this exciting time!

  8. says

    I know the feeling of worry, but everything will work out just like it’s supposed to! You look fantastic and your little boy will be perfect :) I’m 28 weeks pregnant and have some of the same fears (taking the Gestational Diabetes test on Thursday, and GD can lead to BIG babies, so praying I pass that!) but I just try to deal with one fear or worry at a time!

  9. says

    Like others have said, ultrasounds aren’t a perfect science. I’ve heard of so many mommas being induced because their doctors thought the babe was getting too large and the baby is born at in a comfortable 7 pound range. Scans can be off a pound or more! I was convinced I was destined to have huge babies since I was 10 pounds (no kidding, God bless my mother) and my husband and I are both 6′. Alas, one girl was 6lbs10oz and the next 6lbs13oz. They were long, though!
    Liz @ The Lambent Life recently posted..Just Dance.

  10. says

    Congrats! Baby boys are the best!!! One suggestion- if you end up having a bigger baby- dont buy too many newborn clothes. My son was almost 9 pounds and didn’t fit into newborn!

  11. says

    Ahh I must have missed the gender reveal post darnit! Congrats on having a boy! We’re having a little man too :) It will be so much more fun now that you know the gender to shop!

    As for rolling over on your back when you sleep, our childbirth teacher told us to pin a ziploc back with a tennis ball inside to the back of our shirt. That seemed a bit extreme to me… I just use a small travel pillow and shove it under my back. When I wake up I’m usually on my back, but half on the pillow. My Dr. told me as long as I’m not straight on my back I’m good to go!

    You look adorable! I love that shirt!
    Katy @ HaveYouHurd recently posted..Week 24 Update

    • Courtney says

      Haha, I agree the ball does seem a bit extreme. I was thinking a pillow would work too…now I just need to pick up a small one!

  12. says

    YES…you will ALWAYS worry about something during pregnancy. But, it doesn’t end there. Just wait until he’s born…it’s a WHOLE new set of things to worry about! All part of being a Mom :) Big thing I worried about pregnant: Her not ‘latching’ for breast feeding (ended up being SO silly to worry about, because she literally came out trying to eat…and she latched IMMEDIATELY). One thing that I didn’t worry about, that is SO ODD, was labor. I really wasn’t even phased by it…of course I was 100% for the epidural…but just the whole thing didn’t scare me. Best advice I can give regarding labor- keep up those workouts! I really think it helped me SO much!!! Everyone was laughing at me in the gym..because I was there everyday even with my big belly 😀
    By the way, pregnancy TOTALLY agrees with you. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in that first picture- you look like you couldn’t be happier <3

    • Courtney says

      Haha, thanks Holly! I’ve also worried about that same thing with latching, but have told myself to snap out of it, since it’s so far away lol.

      • says

        I’m SURE you already know about the whole skin to skin thing (right when they are born- the baby is put right on your chest, before they are cleaned off, etc)- and it is AMAZING. I just got goosebumps remembering it. Such a time I will cherish for the rest of my life. And I’ve read that this is critical in the whole latching thing too. I don’t know if that helped Gabriella, since like I said, she literally came out trying to eat (this girl has NO appetite problems- haha!)- but maybe it did. Even if it didn’t, it is just the best thing in the whole world having that little bundle that you carried for 10 months just laying there on your chest. (again…more goosebumps :D) I’m SO SO SO excited for you..and I look forward to each & every bump update 😉 OH, by the way, LOVE the Baby Tooth header. HOW stinking cute is that?!?!?! & the little Jets jersey- just perfect for you guys!
        Holly recently posted..Medela Calma Bottle Review

  13. says

    I worried about EVERYTHING while pregnant. I worried the most about having to have an IV and an epideral (I’m TERRIFIED of needles) while giving birth.

    And they told me I was going to have like a 10 pound baby (Keep in mind I’m 5’0 and very petite girl) . So considering I went a week over my due date I was really scared lol But turns out he only weighed a little over 7 lbs. The weights they give you are not accurate at all!

  14. Carolyn says

    You look great! I’m going to have to try the ginger ale with cherry juice, sounds fantastic! I’m currently pregnant with my 4th and all three of my older boys weighed between 15-17 oz at the 20 weeks check up. Surprisingly my first son was my biggest at 8lb 9oz (I am 5’9″ and had no trouble delivering him though first babies usually take longer and he did!) after that they were 7lb 6oz and 7lb 9oz. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about but I get having fears while pregnant. I actually feel like some of the worries for me get worse with each pregnancy. Like now I don’t worry as much about the actual labor because I’ve done it (I actually really like that part, pain and all!) but worry more about my baby being healthy and such. This is the life of a mom, the worrying never stops!. How big were you and Jay when you were born?

    • Courtney says

      Haha, that’s a good question…I honestly can’t remember mine and I have no idea what he weighed! Guess I know what I’m looking into tonight. 😉

  15. says

    I LOVE your shirt!!!!!! You look so fabulous :) Pregnancy looks really great on you.

    I know it’s way easier said than done, but try not to worry about the size of the baby/labor. That and breastfeeding were CONSTANTLY on my mind when I was pregnant. I know it’s something really personal to talk about, but if you get an epidural, then you won’t know the difference. And if you don’t (speaking from experience), I had 6 lb and 8 lb babies and, ehem, it doesn’t make much of a difference either. 😉
    Nicole @ Curly Mommy recently posted..The weekend and a marathon update

  16. says

    I think your little guy had a bit of a growth spurt this past week! You’re looking great girl!

    I have the same fear about having a big baby. I have no reason to support it, but it’s still something I kinda worry about. I’m pretty sure we won’t be having a TINY baby considering both Cody and I are fairly tall, but who knows!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..Week 36: Sleeping Arrangements

  17. Jessica says

    So excited for you!!! Just so ya know — when they estimate the weight, it can go up or down a pound (which I am sure is more true towards the end when they are estimating the weight) so my point is don’t worry about having a huge baby! He will be PERFECT!!!!!

  18. says

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the size now, their estimates can be way off. I was induced, and I had an ultrasound the night before I delivered, and they estimate somewhere in the 7 piund range. He was born the next morning and was 9 lbs. Their estimate was way off and I had a huge baby!! It all worked out – He did have a big head though and they had to use forceps to pull him out (not fun) but it wasn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things :) And now he is a perfectly normal sized 5 year old!
    Lauri recently posted..Livin Life

  19. Jennifer says

    Your new header is adorable!! Congrats on having a baby boy, we find out in a week and a half what we are having! So far most everyone is guessing it’s a girl, guess we will see! 50/50 chance! I also have come to realize that there can/will always be something to worry about because you just don’t know what’s going on in there!! Congrats again, you look great!

  20. says

    Newborn clothes are the cutest and so small. Miss K was 7 pounds on the nose but only 18.5 inches long. I was shocked at her weight & length as both my husband and I were 8 pounds & 21 inches long but my Grandma & Dad were both smaller babies. I thought for sure she would be an 8 pounder. She is still a little one but she’s got the belly that shows she does eat…ha-ha. Again, I am so happy for you and Jay. He is going to be a heartbreaker!!
    Karen recently posted..To Detox or Not To Detox

  21. Emily says

    During my first pregnancy, they told me my daughter’s weight estimate was around 7.5 lbs. She was two days late and was only 5 lb 14 oz. They really can’t tell how big they are, and recently and ultrasound tech I was talking to admitted that their estimates on baby weight are “not very accurate at all.”

    You look great!!!!

  22. says

    I can’t speak to personal experience, but I can tell you that my momma was shocked when I came in at 9lb 2 oz and she smoked through the whole pregnancy (it was the 80s, they weren’t Nazis about it). She cut back on smoking with my brother and he weighed 9lb 14 oz. Don’t worry too much, they let her go 3 weeks over for both of us so we had extra time to grow. :)

    That said, most of my friends had over estimations when it came to size of their babies based on the “measurements”
    BakingSuit recently posted..Darius Rucker covered one of my favorite songs and I’m conflicted.

  23. Tara says

    My husband felt our baby at 22 weeks! It should be any time now! We’re at 26 now and everyone can see some kicks now here and there!

  24. Nicole says

    Honestly, don’t sweat it! I had Gestational Diabetes during my pregnancy, but was very careful in controlling my blood sugar levels. Regardless, my OB constantly told me how concerned she was that I was going to be having a big baby – up until I was actually in labor no less! Well, lo and behold, I delivered a very healthy baby boy who was just shy of 7lbs! Goes to show that even the best of them are really just guessing.

  25. Courtney says

    Congratulations on having a baby boy! My son is 20months now, but I loved having a boy! I just found out last week that I’m having a baby girl this time-it’s our last one-so to have 1 of each is just perfect :)
    With my son, they told me he was going to be close to 8lbs. I was induced 10 days after my due date & he came out 7lbs.3oz. They do tend to overestimate a lot. Our baby girl measured at 14oz. at our 20wk. ultrasound. I’m not sure if it’s just coincidence, but take a look at what you & Jay weighed as babies. I was 7lbs. & my hubby was about 6lbs.13oz & Mason came out at 7lbs.3oz. -so, pretty similar!

  26. Heather @fitncookies says

    Baby clothes are the cutest! I don’t know how you held off this long :) forgot to comment yesterday on the banner- it’s so cute!!

  27. says

    Mason was 7 lbs when he as born, for some reason I thought he was going to be bigger. I needed newborn clothes, I did not buy any because I did not want to have clothes I never used. I had to have my mother in law get some onesies for him to wear the first month or two. He is still in 3-6 month clothes at 7.5 months.
    Ashlee @ A Step in the Right Direction recently posted..Monday Weigh In

  28. says

    How did I just notice the header at the top of this page. Freakin’ adorable!!!

    Oh my, I miss tiny little baby clothes. My smallest baby is about to turn 5 and I swear, I don’t know where time has gone.

    My daughter was a fairly small baby at 7.2 pounds but my son was bigger at 8.9 pounds. It was obvious with him. I was tiny with my daughter but my belly with him…yikes!! I guess it could have been worse. I weighed 10 pounds at birth and my poor mom is all of 5 feet tall!!
    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..Batch Cooking and Healthy Parmesan Patties

  29. Nicole says

    I am with you on this fear! My daughter is measuring a week ahead and I am 31 weeks. My husband was 10 lbs and I was only 5…so we shall see! She always weighed more then she should compared to those update things! Oh well, a bigger baby is not as fussy…or so I hear! You look great!

  30. says

    Hi, just found your blog! Congrats on your baby boy! I’m 36 weeks myself and everyone has been saying my baby will be “huge”. We just had a growth ultrasound and he’s measuring at 6 lb 11 oz which is in the 55 percentile. It’s not that a big baby is bad…but it’s scary to think about DELIVERING a large baby, hehe.
    Natalie @ will jog for food recently posted..Eat Some Pao

  31. says

    I’m not currently pregnant, but I’m 5’1 and my husband is 6’4 and was 10lbs when he was born. I have dreams that my baby comes out taller than me and I can’t hold him. :-(
    Katy recently posted..WIAW

  32. Kirsten says

    I worried about the size of my baby too! I was measuring 3-4 weeks ahead the whole time and we were convinced that he was going to be huge and that I would need a c section. Well, little guy surprised us and came 6 weeks early!! He was big for his age (almost 6 lbs and 20 in long which is as big as some full term babies). Just goes to show you can’t predict anything so dont worry too much! Best of luck to you with the rest of your pregnancy!!

  33. Marissa says

    There was ALWAYS something that I worried about while I was pregnant and it doesn’t end…I had a little boy in January and let me tell you, it doesn’t end! I think that’s just my personality and part of being a mama :)

  34. says

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