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Well heyyyyy there, strangers. Long time no chat!

As you may or may not have noticed, I stepped away a bit from the computer this weekend. Granted, I was still on it but the websites I was on consisted mainly of Babies ‘R’ Us, Target, Amazon, and Etsy. Ahh yes…trying to finish up baby registries and find some cute invitations for baby shower. Thankfully, I was pretty successful in both areas – I found invitations I love AND am about 95% done with completing our registries. Whew, what a task!

But anyways, yes. I decided to let the blog be and instead focused on some other things that needed to be taken care of. And honestly, I have a feeling most weekends will wind up being pretty similar. I don’t know what it is – maybe it was pregnancy that started it, maybe not – but I feel like I’m in the midst of some new perspectives on a lot of things in life. It’s an interesting process, and one that I’m learning a lot about as I go.

I know I’ve mentioned something similar to this before, in terms of my views on food and whatnot, but I really do feel like I just have so much to share with you guys. Life has been so busy these days (mostly in a good way), and I just haven’t had the chance to really sit down and pour my thoughts out like I used to. And you know, I’m excited to do it…not only to share with all of you, but also because I really just want to put it all together for myself. I promise…one of these days I’m going to get to it!

So as for the weekend? Well, it was great. A low-key Friday evening, a productive Saturday at home followed by dinner out with friends, and a VERY busy and productive Sunday. We are making a ton of progress on the nursery and I am just thrilled at how it’s turning out. We also had the rest of our furniture come in, so now it’s just a matter of finishing up the walls, some trim work, and finalizing some bedding. Eeeeek!

As far as food goes? Oh there was plenty of good stuff to be had. I didn’t bother snapping photos of everything, but there were a few highlights…

Sunday morning pancakes, courtesy of my wonderful husband.


He made our favorite pancake recipe but also mixed some cinnamon chips into a few of them. SUCH a great idea.

Yesterday I also did a little baking, in the form of my Neapolitan cupcakes with ice cream frosting. The guys at Jay’s work have been bugging asking for cupcakes for weeks now, so since I had some time this weekend I figured I’d make them a little something special.

neapolitan cupcakes

They are crazy about cupcakes over there, I’ll tell ya!

In the middle of making cupcakes yesterday, I realized I had a couple of bananas that needed to be used, so I whipped up a batch of Dark Chocolate Chip Banana Bread…only with cinnamon chips instead.

banana bread

Apparently we were on a cinnamon chip kick this weekend, eh? 😉

For dinner, we had thawed out a whole wheat pizza dough from the freezer but weren’t quite sure what to do with it. Eventually, we decided on garbage bread.

garbage bread

I made two mini loaves – one with garlic aioli, slices of deli ham, and cheese, and the other with pizza sauce, sliced chicken sausage, and mozzarella cheese.

garbage bread

Both were good, but I think the chicken sausage one was my favorite.

So with all of the carbs and goodies that were enjoyed over the weekend, I figured I should probably make an attempt at adding some veggies in today…so I made myself a nice big salad for lunch.


This is actually a salad that I had on Friday, but today’s salad looks just like it – lots of veggies, avocado, raspberry walnut dressing, and TJ’s roast turkey.

salad with dressing


So how was everyone else’s weekend? Do anything fun and/or exciting?

And on a totally different note, how the heck are we already halfway through April? Seriously?!?!


  1. Kathryn says

    My weekend consisted of getting a new haircut and figuring out how to work it and actually do something with it besides putting it up in a ponytail. Otherwise, our battle of wills continued with our son. He’s hit that stage of development where he doesn’t want to do ANYTHING we ask. Couple that with Autism and a sudden intense compulsion about his routines and it made for a very rough weekend.

  2. says

    Good for you to leave the blog idle for a little to enjoy this awesome time in your life! I hope you post the baby shower invites :) I’m sure they’re adorable.

    We had a nice family meet-up at a central crab house this weekend. So, so good and lots of fun!

  3. says

    I still can’t believe April is half way done. So odd.
    Looks like a great weekend, I think it’s great to step away from the blog for a bit and get some time in for yourself and really live it up!
    That salad looks so good!
    Lisa recently posted..Intuitive Living

  4. says

    Girl, don’t EVER feel guilty about taking some time for YOU. As much as we love hearing about your everyday happenings, sometimes, it’s better to just live every single moment and not worry about writing it down.

    Love you girl! XO

  5. says

    That garbage bread looks amazing!! My hubby surprised me with a night away on Friday (my parents watched the little one). It was nice to have a night out where I could enjoy some adult beverages and not have to worry about getting up for my daughter. I also decided to finally get the tattoo I have been wanting and totally love it. The only downfall — can’t workout very hard as it’s on my foot and I can’t wear a lot of closed toe shoes for about 2 weeks…boo! Have a great week.
    Karen recently posted..Weekend Recap–Photo Style

  6. Nicole @ FruitnFitness says

    It sounds like you had a great weekend! That’s so nice of you to make treats for the guys at Jays work! As for the halfway through April thing, crazy

  7. says

    Glad to hear you are taking some time for yourself! Looks like you had a great weekend baking and cooking some good eats.

    This weekend went too fast, but we enjoyed a ton of time outside and went on two hikes!
    Emily @ The Good Era recently posted..Take A Hike

  8. Sarah says

    That post made me hungry :) When we went to the States last month, I made sure to pick up some Cinnamon chips! Loved them in banana bread. Wish you could get them up here in Canada!

  9. says

    It is necessary to take some time for yourself and your family every once in awhile! After seeing your baking fun this weekend I am in a baking mood for this week :)

  10. says

    I’ve been trying to decide for a while how often I want to post and if I want to post on weekends. I generally stay away from weekend posts because I don’t really go near my computer on the weekends and I prefer it that way. If something does post on a weekend it’s something I set up to do so automatically. It’s a hard balance to figure out but one that you have to listen to your heart and respect your needs and wants!
    Jacquelyn @justjacq recently posted..Living on a Budget

  11. says

    I always enjoy taking at least one day off on the weekends. As much as I love blogging, it’s always nice to be able to step away for a little while… especially when it involves getting some delicious baking done. That cinnamon chip banana bread is definitely calling to me.

    Happy Monday, girlie!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... my happy list .

  12. says

    I feel you about time away from the blog. It’s totally necessary & good for you. You have to go out and live a “normal” life too!

    Looks like some really good eats over the weekend. I so want to try that garbage bread! Looks like a calzone kind of. I love anything with pizza dough!

    And yes, April is officially on hyperspeed! What the heck!
    Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections recently posted..5 Fun & Pretty Ways to Stay Organized

  13. says

    If you need some down time, you need some down time! No one expects you to be here and document things 24/7. Not everyone has the time to spend on day-to-day or hour-to-hour updates and that’s OKAY. I’m just glad things are coming together for you and you got a lot accomplished this weekend!

    PS. Please send me cupcakes, I’m probably as bad as Jay’s coworkers. lol
    Lauren recently posted..Tea Shots and Cleanse Drinks

  14. says

    Glad you had such a great weekend! Pregnancy and having a little one these last few weeks sure have changed my perspective in a way that I never would’ve even imagined!
    It’s been far too long since I’ve made some of your delicious garbage bread! I think that needs to change here in the near future. 😉
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..Hunter: 2 weeks

  15. says

    I know–I can’t believe it’s halfway through April either!!

    Garbage bread sounds so interesting–and cool!

    and I agree–I always take time off from the blog on the weekend, and it’s SO nice. Life was supposed to be LIVED to the fullest, not just written about 😉
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..Ate To My Heart’s Content

  16. says

    April is going by quite fast, and you’d think that it would feel slower since Easter was in March this year!

    I had a weekend of furniture shopping/browsing for our new home.. woohoo!
    Raychel recently posted..Monday Meal Plan

  17. says

    Sometimes you need a day or two to focus on some other things. I try to shut down the computer as much as I can over the weekend and spend time with my friends, family, and fiancee – sometimes you need to focus on other things!
    That garbage bread looks amazing, and now I’m really craving a calzone or something!
    Victoria @ Reluctantly Skinny recently posted..MIMM: too fast

  18. Kristen says

    Please please pleaseeeeee share your thoughts & new perspectives when you get a chance! I so admire all the thoughts you do share about your past struggles & now having a healthy relationship with food & realizing what’s important. Its so amazing to see how beautiful you are & gives me hope that I can feel the same someday too!! Thanks Courtney!


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