WIAW: Jumping Back In

After taking the past couple of weeks off from WIAW, I felt like jumping back in on the fun.

It’s not like it was all that exciting of a day of meals, but I did wind up snapping photos of them all yesterday so I figured, eh, what the heck. I always love being nosey and seeing what others are eating too. Winking smile


Was pretty much the nastiest thing you’ve ever seen…


Blech. I made a batch of overnight oats, which had soaked up all of the liquid overnight and needed a little extra almond milk. But, apparently, not that much almond milk. They tasted alright, and an extra spoonful of peanut butter added in helped, but they still were definitely not exciting. Good thing my iced coffee was decent…and check it out, I didn’t go to Dunkin’ for a change!

Mid-Morning Snack

The always-favorite PB + banana combo.


I’ll tell ya…I need to start buying chunky peanut butter more often. I know I like it, but we usually buy the huge jars from BJ’s and Jay only likes creamy. But now I’m thinking that my work PB stash may just have to be chunky.


A big veggie-filled salad topped with grilled chicken and avocado with balsamic dressing and croutons.


And as a side note, if you’ve never purchased Butter Bliss lettuce, you MUST. No affiliation there at all. Just trust me you’ll try it. It’s SO good.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

Three belVita blueberry breakfast biscuits. Yes, the package comes in 4, but I was hungry on my way out the door for work and wound up ripping open the package and eating one then.


Maybe one of these days I’ll actually make myself enough time to eat breakfast at home before leaving for work.

Haha. Yeah…riiiiight.

Pre-Dinner Snack

Since Lucas has started eating more “adult” food and less baby food, I totally see how parents can say they wind up “snacking” more. Extra crusts from his PB&J sandwich? Don’t mind if I do!


Luckily, I’ve taught him to share his food with mama and he’s okay with it.


Kidding. Sort of. Winking smile

Jay wound up getting called out for work unexpectedly, putting our dinner on hold. Since I was getting pretty hungry and wasn’t sure when he’d be back, I snacked on some of the tomato and basil FSTG crackers below.


And while I waited, I spent some time playing peek-a-boo with this handsome little guy.

That right there is his new thing…he “hides” behind his toy bucket with all of his stuffed animals with him. He seriously knows how to make me laugh.


Once Jay got back, we fired up the grilllll.


Steak kabobs with zucchini, onions, and tomatoes, along with some parmesan noodles from a bag. Don’t knock ‘em. They’re good.


As of the time I’m typing up this post, dessert is yet to be had. But if it’s anything like my dessert of choice on Monday, it’ll most likely be this. Mmm mmmmm.

Happy Wednesday, my friends! Halfway there! Smile


  1. Amelia @i_heart_kale says

    Oh man, sounds like you’re so busy! I suppose that’s life with a toddler. :) Good busy.
    From the review of your breakfast, sounds like you need to make your egg casseroles ahead of time or maybe a blueberry coffee cake or oatmeal bake. Gina at Fitnessista just did a post on breakfast burritos the other day that you can make ahead.
    Oh, I tried he ice cream flavors at Dunkin. I can see how you are addicted, even if you didn’t have it above for breakfast. I wonder if I can buy a bottle of the flavoring off of them and make it at home. Hmmmmm……

  2. says

    My problem with chunky PB is that I use so much more! It takes more to spread, so I end up using a ton. Not that that is a totally bad thing! 😉

  3. Stacey M. says

    Yes to the chunky peanut butter! I’ve been buying the Teddie brand super chunky pb for a while now, and I have to say I’m loving it. I have always been a smooth pb girl, and still love it for pb and j sandwiches, toast, etc., but I’ve found that I like the chunky kind right out of the jar. Also, if you haven’t tried Teddie pb before, I’d recommend it. The only ingredient is peanuts, which I really like.

    I’ve also been buying that type of bagged lettuce for a while now too, and I must say that I love it. You’re right … it is SO good. I love how soft the leaves are. Yum.

  4. Karri says

    I love this! I’m always looking for new things to eat & I’m trying to gain weight so this helps remind me to eat more often & to try different healthy things. I also read Anna Sacconne’s blog (annasaccone.com) & she does a “What I ate Wed.” also! I hope you continue this theme on Wednesdays! :-)

  5. says

    Peanut butter and banana is the yummiest combo! That’s what I go for when I don’t feel like cooking breakfast. Lately I’ve been pre-making breakfast burritos and freezing them. Let me tell ya, they are super tasty and easy. I really enjoy reading your blog! Keep it up! I’ve just recently started a blog. Big time newby but you have inspired me to maybe do a WIAW next week! Woohoo! 😉

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