15 Delicious Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

April 29, 2014

So I’ve been joking with Jay for a good couple of weeks now about Mother’s Day this year. Since he told me last year that it “didn’t count” for me to celebrate yet, I warned him that I’d make him pay for that next year (aka, this year). It’s still hard to believe that this […]

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My Video Shoot in NYC

April 28, 2014

Hey guys! How was the weekend? Do anything fun or exciting? Well, I wouldn’t say that my weekend was anything overly exciting (pretty chill and lots of time with my boys!), but my Thursday and Friday certainly were! I know I told you guys I was heading down to NYC for a quick video shoot, […]

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Fun Facts Friday {4/25}

April 25, 2014
photo 3

1. I can’t tell you how many times in a day/week I type “Thank You.” And out of those times that I type it out, I’d have to say that at least 95% of the time I wind up typing THank you and need to go back and fix the “H.” I need to lay […]

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Going Glamping

April 24, 2014

Well, guys. The next week and a half or so are going to be quite busy and exciting over here! Later this afternoon, I’m boarding a train to NYC to do what is sure to be a fun video/photo shoot for a new partnership (more details to come soon!). I’ll be home from that by […]

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WIAW: A Winning Breakfast Combo

April 23, 2014

I have partnered with belVita and Dannon to help promote the belVita and Dannon partnership. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program, which includes writing about the promotion and product. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. ***** Goooood morning! We’ve […]

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Easy Lemon Bars

April 22, 2014

Whew, was yesterday a long one! Work was fine, thankfully, so that was like any ordinary day. But as soon as my work day was over, I was off to pick up the little man…and then it was go, go, go! Jay had to work late yesterday, so I was flying solo for the evening…meaning, […]

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Easter Weekend Highlights

April 21, 2014

Well, I’d say Lucas’s first Easter was a hit! The Easter fun started on Saturday, when my in-laws came over to drop off our Easter baskets a bit early. Lucas got spoiled with all sorts of goodies but was probably the most excited about the canister of puffs that was hiding in there. Of course he’d […]

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Getting My (Stitch) Fix On

April 18, 2014

It finally arrived. I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but yes, I finally caved and jumped in on the craze that is Stitch Fix. I’m sure that most of you have already heard of Stitch Fix by now, buuuut in case you haven’t (I know some of my favorite girls have not – ladies, […]

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Things I’m Loving Thursday

April 17, 2014

Pretty sure I’m only about the hundredth person to ever use that title for a blog post, so original I am not today. Forgive me. But I was thinking last night about how there really are a bunch of random things I’ve been loving today, so I figured I’d share ‘em all with you guys. […]

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WIAW: Sweets and Snacks

April 16, 2014

Wednesday already? That’s what I’m talkin’ about! The past two days have been super busy. I suddenly have a bunch of extra stuff on my plate (most of which is good!) and I’m trying (yet, somewhat failing) at getting it all organized. It’ll all get done eventually, I know that. But sometimes I let it […]

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