Fun Facts Friday {3/27}

1. So I’m pretty sure I either broke my toe, or it’s just really badly bruised. And I’m convinced the nail is going to fall off. Gahh, I hope the nail doesn’t fall off! Somehow, as I was going to sit down in one of our kitchen chairs on Wednesday with Lucas on my lap, my foot slid right underneath the leg of the chair. Oh my, did it take all of me not to belt out a couple of choice words! The toe is red and swollen, the nail is all sorts of black and blue underneath, and I can’t even put on a pair of shoes without it hurting so I’m not sure how the whole workout thing is going to go. Major case of the booooo’s, especially because I was really finding a workout groove again.


2. Later this afternoon/evening, I’m going to be working on some blog updates, so if you wind up coming back to visit, you may see an “Under Construction” page. I’m planning on starting some work on my end around 4pm, and then having a developer step in to help with the rest. We should be back up and running by Saturday, but just wanted to give ya a heads up!

3. I bought a 1lb bag of rainbow sprinkles this week for only $2.99, but then spent almost double that price to have them shipped. Even still, it is WAY cheaper than buying them in the store, so I totally justified it. Plus, that means now I can make a bunch of the recipes that I’ve pinned with loads of sprinkles in them like these and these and these.

4. It’s a good thing Jay and I have co-workers who like sweets. I sent half of yesterday’s cupcakes with Jay and I brought the other half in with me to work. BUT…we do (err, rather, did) still have a little something left over. When making those cupcakes, you need to scoop out the centers of the cake, so you wind up with lots of little scoops of cake. So, as one who doesn’t like things to go to waste, I layered the cupcake leftovers in a bowl and topped them with some of the remaining Nutella frosting and chocolate ganache.

leftover chocolate cupcakes

Soooo. Darn. Good.

leftover chocolate cupcakes

5. You know it’s going to be a good day when a package like this arrives at your doorstep. Thanks so much, Nestlé, for sending along the delicious and adorable PEANUTS inspired Easter candy. I think our Easter baskets will be set for this year!


And, FYI, Nestlé continues to expand its commitment to sustainable cocoa and has now bought enough certified, sustainable cocoa to produce its entire Easter chocolate collection. The Easter collection is Nestlé’s next step toward its goal of making all its US produced chocolate products from sustainable cocoa. Pretty sweet, right?

6. Speaking of sweet treats, be sure to check out my post on My Daily Bubble, featuring 6 Fun and Festive Easter Desserts!

7. I came across a photo of this dress on Pinterest, and I MUST find out where it’s from. I want it. Badly.

striped dress

8. Earlier this week, I got an awesome package in the mail from my friends at Love Grown Foods. Did you guys hear that they now have new Mighty Flakes, which are made with beans but totally don’t taste like beans??


They’re so sweet over there…thanks for sending the extra LOVE, LGF!

9. I’ve been spending a lot more time on Pinterest lately, and have been pinning all sorts of ideas for future homes. I pinned these photos of office ideas and am absolutely loving the look of both of them.

Office idea 20 Creative Home Office Organizing Ideas - Hative

10. I know it’s only the end of March, but I’ve been thinking ahead to spring and summer (wishful thinking?) and the fact that I’ll eventually be able to trade all of the heavy sweaters and scarves for tanks, sundresses, and shorts. Ahh…shorts are one thing I struggle with every. year. because I can never seem to find ones that are the right length (you know…they’re either bermudas to my knees or riding up my butt cheeks). I am kinda liking the looks of these and these, though. Do any of you have any recommendations for shorts you love?

Alright friends, I’m off for today! I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead. Hopefully things will be back up and running on the blog so I can check in with a weekly meal plan on Sunday! Winking smile

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