Double Date Night, DIY Projects, and More

Well, here we are again Monday. Good thing I have a good weekend in the books to make up for it!

Our weekend started off with a super fun double date night on Friday with our pals Joe and Kate!


Geez, I seriously cannot believe how long it had been since the four of us all hung out without the babes. It was wayyyyyy too long for all of our liking.

We ended up checking out a new-ish spot in our area, Mexican Radio. I’d visited their location downstate in Hudson before, but that was yeeeears ago, so I was excited to check it out.

Of course, it was a celebration to have us all get together, so margaritas were in order.


Just simple, straight up margs on the rocks. With sugar, not salt. Apparently I’m weird.

We ordered a couple of apps to share, including some nachos and these Radio Roll-Ups that were ridiculously good.


The picture really does not do them justice.


Man, we missed these two!



For my dinner, I ordered the enchiladas with chicken and sautéed peppers and onions and their “least spicy sauce” which, in my opinion, was a lie. That ish was spicy.


The enchiladas were good, buuuut I forgot to order flour tortillas instead of corn (not my favorite, at all) so that was sort of a bummer. But hey, we then decided to order some sangria so that made up for my mistake.



Saturday was a fun day, nothing crazy. I met up with some of my best girlfriends for lunch and we sat and chatted for a good few hours which was nice. I then hit up Bath and Body Works and stocked up on some of their 4 for $18 hand soaps and a new candle (for free, thanks to a coupon, baby!). I’m in love with this scent.


I actually got all of that for just over $15.00 Not bad, right?


Jay and I were lazy for dinner, so we decided to order a pizza.


Shortly after Lucas went to bed, we also had ourselves a little bonfire so we could burn up some cardboard and scrap wood that’s been piling up around here.


After the fire was over, we settled in with our DVR and some dessert.


Chocolate chip cookie dough, for the win. My faaaavorite.

Sunday was another good one, but nothing overly exciting. I got a tonnn of real cleaning done which I really surprised myself with (I’m not the cleaner in this household, but I can “tidy up” and pick things up with the best of ‘em).

Lucas and I did the grocery shopping for the week…and seriously, how BIG does he look?!


We also finally finished up our second DIY project…check it out!


FYI: We went back and forth on whether or not to add an apostrophe on our name…ultimately, we decided to add it because we said it’s our project (The Horan’s project). I’m pretty sure that’s still right…right? I’m not great with apostrophes. Oh well.

*Edited to add: I totally had the apostrophe wrong and it was really bothering me so I went and edited the photo to take the apostrophe out. Thanks for the heads up, guys! Clearly, I need to brush up on my apostrophe use…thanks to reader JD for sharing this fun comic:

We hung this chalkboard key and mail holder by our back door through the garage (which is the main door we use) and I’m not only in love with it, but I’m really hoping that it’ll help clear up some of the clutter that winds up on our kitchen table/counter/etc. I’m hoping to have some more details put together for you guys later this week!

The evening was spent outside covering up the pool (sigh) and playing around in the yard – the weather was gorgeous this weekend.


Looks like somebody’s got some static going on, wouldn’t you say?


Rather than have a formal (ha, like we even do anything close to “formal” around here) dinner, we decided to make some snacks to enjoy in the late afternoon/evening while watching some football.

Homemade guac, homemade salsa, and some simple chicken skewers were a few of the favorite items for the day.


For the salsa, I actually used the Fiery Red Salsa recipe from the Oster Versa 1100 Challenge. It was craaaaazy easy to make in the blender and the taste was delicious. Definitely check out the recipe (and enter to win by Instagramming with #versachallenge).

And that pretty much sums up our weekend! What did you guys do? Anything fun?

Oh, and be sure to check out the fun new workout I posted yesterday! Smile


Blue Apron Giveaway Winner

I totally forgot to announce the winner of the Blue Apron giveaway last week! Congrats to lucky entry #72:

blue apron win blue apron win1

Email me at sweettoothcourtney at gmail dot com so I can get you hooked up with your prize!


Weekend Highlights {8/4}

This weekend was absolutely one of those weekends I just hated to see end. We have a ton of stuff we never got a chance to get to from our to do list, but we had so much fun with friends and family that it made it allll worth it. Even if that means we’re scraping for food this morning and have piles of laundry waiting to get washed.

The fun started Friday night at our house for our first bonfire of the summer (seriously…the first of August and we’re just getting to it?!).


We had a few friends and cousins over to help the birthday boy celebrate his special day, many of which are most definitely familiar faces to you all by now.


The bonfire was full of fun times and good laughs, and of course…


You can’t have a bonfire without some s’mores!


Jay and I spent most of Saturday around the house doing some odds and ends and hanging out with our little guy.


And in case you missed it, the Baby Tooth page was updated last night with a review of the GB Zuzu Stroller pictured above!

I also wound up getting this great bracelet in the mail from blog reader, Bridget.

stella & dot enlighten bracelet

Bridget reached out to me last week with the sweetest email, offering to send me one of Stella & Dot’s enlighten bracelets. I learned that Stella & Dot has teamed up with Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organization dedicated to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.

stella & dot enlighten bracelet

Thanks again, Bridget!

stella & dot enlighten bracelet

So shortly after Lucas woke up from his afternoon nap, we packed up his “suitcase” and brought him over to grandma and papa’s house for his first-ever sleepover! Thankfully, he did great, making me feel much more at ease for future sleepovers which are inevitably going to happen (trust me, the grandmas and grandpas aren’t complaining!).

Once we dropped off the little man, Jay and I headed up to Saratoga for a night out with friends again(!) to celebrate Mal’s 30th birthday (hers is the day before Jay).

The gals.


The guys.


After dinner and some drinks, our crew headed out to another club/bar to continue the night with some dancing. My goodness, I cannot tell you the last time I went out dancing?!


The guys lost interest super quick and wound up going to another area of the bar, but the gals broke it down on the dance floor for quite a while and we had an absolute blast.


(I finally got the chance to wear my Stitch Fix tank from a couple months ago!) Oh, and I’m pretty sure it was the sweatiest night out I’ve ever had. Good god, was it hot up in there!

Before the evening came to an end, we made one last pit stop at another bar and we had to make sure to have some mini champagne’s just like the last time we were out in ‘toga together!


Cheers to the birthday gal!

Come Sunday morning, we were up and at ‘em pretty early so we could go and pick up Lucas from his sleepover. We came home, he napped for three hours, we got some work done around the house, and then we headed back out to visit grandma and papa #2!

A beautiful day calls for hanging out on the patio.


We had pulled pork, corn on the cob, and watermelon for dinner, which was all delicious.


And then…we had birthday cake!


Ice cream birthday cake, to be exact, which was the same one he had four years ago. The stuff is SO good.


And surprisingly enough, I think we’ve also found a cake that Lucas enjoys!

lucas ice cream

Oh. My. Goodness. was he having a blast with that stuff. Although, I’m pretty sure you guys probably already figured that out by those photos above. He certainly had us laughing.

And that, my friends, is a wrap! Now it’s back to the grind of the work week, as usual…but here’s to hoping it’s a good one for all of us. Smile

Me Time, Firsts, and a Backyard Date

Hey hey, my friends! Happy Monday to you all! Did everyone have a fantastic weekend?

As always, our weekend went by way too fast, but we still managed to have some fun. To be honest, the end of last week was a little bit rough. I’ll blame it partially on lack of sleep, but Lucas was having some tough days/evenings and we’re dealing with what I believe to be some acid reflux. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the two of us shared some tears together.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re good over here! But you guys know I like to keep it real and, well, there are the occasional rough patches. Comes with the territory though, and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.

Thankfully, Lucas had a MUCH better weekend, leaving all of us feeling a little more refreshed. On Friday, the little man spent a couple hours with grandma while mom went out for a little afternoon pampering.


Pedicures & strawberry lemonade Coolattas, for the win!

I love Lucas to pieces, and being a mom is incredible, but it felt so, so good to have some me time. It’s amazing what a couple short hours can do for the soul! On Friday evening we also attempted to give Lucas his first bottle and he took it like a champ. I was thrilled!

On Saturday, I spent a few more hours out during the afternoon while Lucas stayed home with Jay so I could do a little grocery shopping and pick up some more diapers (people aren’t kidding – they DO go fast!). For dinner, we actually cooked ourselves a meal…who knew?


I, obviously, was not concerned with how it photographed, but we had some delicious pork tenderloin, oven baked sweet potatoes, and some veggies. Yum!

Shortly after dinner on Saturday, we had a big FIRST over here…Lucas had his very first tubby.


I had no idea if he’d love it or hate it, but he loooooved it. He was so content the entire time, cooing and “ahh-ing,” which had all of us in smiles. Of course, right after we finished and wrapped him up in the towel (actually almost right after taking that photo) he peed and pooped all over. Go figure. Winking smile 

I put my little buddy to bed around 9:30pm and right after that, I headed outside to join my man for a backyard date.


Cheers to us! And to enjoying a delicious Sam Adams Porch Rocker beer (seriously…looooove them).


As for Sunday? Well, it didn’t go quite as planned. My in-laws came over in the afternoon for a late lunch (Welcome to Moe’s!)


but before that, Jay realized that our shower was leaking and decided to start tackling it on his own…


Now I will say that my husband is incredibly handy, and he was *so close* to getting this one squared away, but after about five hours of him and my FIL working on it, they still came up slightly short. Luckily, we have a plumber coming over later today, but until then…no showers. So if you see me, proceed with caution…I may still smell like spit up. Winking smile

After a long day of working on that darn shower, Jay finally relaxed with me and Lucas, and the two of us both decided to wind down with an old favorite…


Watermelon sherbet with mini chocolate chips. Love. This. Stuff.

So yeah, that’s pretty much our weekend in a nutshell! What fun stuff were all of you up to?

The Past Two Days

Well it has been a really great weekend so far, I must say.

First, we had the wedding on Friday, which was obviously a blast.

Then on Saturday evening, we had some friends over to help finish the back deck (it’s gone!) and ended the evening with a bbq and a bonfire.

And Octoberfest. Because it’s officially September now, so I can fully justify it. Winking smile

Jay is actually the one who decided to pick it up the other night when we stopped at Trader Joe’s…we just waited to dive in until the time was right.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a bit of lazy time in the morning, followed by this great walk on the treadmill plus a few easy abs moves. After that, we headed out to celebrate this little guy’s first birthday, and then spent the rest of our day up on Saratoga Lake.

It was a beautiful day, so we split our time between the boat, playing the most epic game ever of cornhole, and enjoying time with family.

I took the entire past two days off from the camera and decided to just embrace the weekend (thank you to Jay, who used his Instagram a few times!). I think for those of us who do blog pretty consistently that it’s so great to take some time off now and then, to just live in the now…instead of behind the lens. Ya know? Smile


This morning, I woke up and immediately put on a pot of coffee while I got some breakfast ready. Empty peanut butter jar in the house…you know what THAT means.


OIAJ, baby! But not just any oats in a jar…


Can ya tell? Can ya?


It’s now September. If you read this old post, you’ll know what’s happenin’ up in there. (going back and reading old posts like that always make me laugh and cringe at the same time)

A couple quick things…

  • Many of you asked where I get my cupcake boxes. I get them from a local store but they also have a website you can order from called Confectionery House.
      • To hold one dozen cupcakes, I use THIS BOX and THIS INSERT.
      • My store also has boxes that hold two dozen cupcakes, but I couldn’t find those on the website.
  • I know I still owe you guys a full wedding recap, and a lemon cupcake recipe. They’ll be headed your way this week.

But for now, I’m off to go enjoy the rest of my long weekend…hopefully you’re all doing the same!

Our First One of the Season

What is it about bonfires that are just so relaxing and welcoming?


Jay and I always get so excited once “bonfire season” starts up here in New York. We realized yesterday afternoon that last night would be the perfect night for our first one of the season, so we invited a few friends over to help us burn some of the massive amounts of wood that we have.

Mal, Brian, Mike, & Denise



We currently have a TON of wood from some trees that we recently cut down from the side of our house…but we also had this pallet that I know Jay has just been itching to burn.


Perhaps because he thought it’d be cool to walk over?


Ohh goodness. I wonder about those boys sometimes.



Of course, you can’t have a bonfire without s’mores, right?


I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of these last night while sitting by the fire and boy were they good. Especially since we didn’t use just ANY plain ‘ol chocolate…


Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.


I’l tell ya…there’s nothin’ like sitting by the fire with good friends and s’mores. Smile


We didn’t end up getting to bed until almost 1am last night, so I opted to sleep in a bit this morning. I’m still desperately trying to recover from my lack of sleep from traveling this past week, and I still don’t even feel fully recovered. Hopefully an early bedtime will be in the cards this evening…

I already know that today is going to be filled with some delicious food, as Jay and I will be traveling to both of our parents’ houses for Mother’s Day, so I decided to keep breakfast light and refreshing.


A vanilla Chobani paired with fresh strawberries, banana slices, and Kashi Go Lean Crunch.


A yummy way to start the day, indeed!


Before signing off for this morning, I want to make sure to wish all of the moms out there a very wonderful, special, Happy Mother’s Day. Especially this amazing lady

You da bomb, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day! Smile

Garden Progress + Date Night on the Patio

Hey guys! How’s your Saturday treatin’ ya? Things have been going great over here…

Mid-morning, we got started on the new garden! First, we figured out our spot.

garden (2)

We measured out our space (it measures about 8’ x 12’).

garden (3)

Mom & dad came over to visit and dad helped with the tilling.

garden (4)

I took care of raking out the leftover grass.

garden (5)

We started digging our trenches and planting the seeds.

garden (6)

Cody watched from the kitchen window, as he usually does.


I continued planting more seeds.

garden (7)

And got nice and dirty in the process. Winking smile

garden (8)

We marked out our spots and did some watering.

garden (9)

And now, my friends, we are in the process of having our very own garden!


We still need to pick up some tomato and pepper plants tomorrow, so once those get planted, we’ll get up our nice little fence and keep our fingers crossed for a successful veggie garden.

Once everything is planted, we’ll have onions, carrots, peas, green beans, cucumbers, yellow and green squash, tomatoes, and peppers. I am SO excited to finally (err, hopefully) have my own veggies right from my backyard this year.


Once we were finished working in the yard, Jay and I decided to treat ourselves to a little Date Night at one of our favorite local spots, Lanie’s Café.

We both love Lanie’s for the food, but we love it even more for their amazing patio that opens once the weather gets nice. Since today was an absolutely gorgeous day, we figured we’d take advantage.


(sportin’ my new Oakley sunglasses, holla!)

We made sure to get there a little early and had no problems grabbing a table. I sipped on a Sam Seasonal beer while basking in the beautiful weather.



For dinner, I was *this close* to ordering their amazing veggie quesadillas, but made a last minute decision to get their Chicken Florentine sandwich.


Grilled chicken, fresh spinach, provolone cheese, and homemade Russian dressing.



In a little while, our friends Brian & Mal should be stopping over; we’ve got plans for a fun bonfire AND, word on the street is that there may be some s’mores involved. Winking smile

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!


Hey hey! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far!

Well, my day was pretty fun-tastic…

We finally opened the pool (WOOT!) and we were quite thrilled to see that it was crystal clear with only one gigantic frog at the bottom (we’ve had much worse).


This is where I spent a good amount of my afternoon. Sun

And if I wasn’t poolside, I was in the kitchen, baking up a storm!

The beginnings of my Stars & Stripes Cookie Cake


A cupcake order (including a batch of these and these)…


Oh, and these…yeah, we’ll talk about these during the week. Winking smile


The one minor catastrophe that took place mid-baking were these lovely burns…


Note to self: Stick with the oven mitt, not the knitted pot holder. Oooof.

While I was in the midst of my baking, we were actually greeted with a couple surprise visitors…


My in-laws, who thought that we were actually going to be out for the evening, came over with intentions to surprise us by filling my newly weeded flower beds in the back yard. How cool is that??


Jay and his parents were hard at work on those flowers…but don’t worry, I made sure to take care of all the supervisory duties. Winking smile


So now, thanks to my supervising all of their hard work, we’ve got some beautiful


(and some mystery) flowers to look at!


I’m so excited! Smile


Now for the rest of the evening, Jay and I have a few things on the agenda…



A bonfire, S’mores, and friends…

Does it get much better than that? Smile