WIAW: Just Like a Cheeseburger

Wednesday already?!? Alriiiiiiiiight! Time for another week of WIAW…but really for me, it’s always WIATuesday. While I didn’t do super awesome in the green department, I’m pretty sure I still did better than last week, so I’ll take it. Besides…everything that went into my belly yesterday was deeeeeeelish…green or not. I should also make note…

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Thoughts on a Thursday


Man, I’ve got to admit…I’m kinda surprised it’s already Thursday! I thought for sure that this week was going to drag for some reason, but I feel like things are moving along quite nicely. Gotta love that, right?! So yesterday I didn’t really take a whole lot of time to snap photos or blog. I…

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Food Finds and Steals…Literally


I feel like today has been one of those days where everything I eat tastes amazing. Don’t you just love those days?? One major highlight from today, aside from breakfast, would be today’s lunch. Last night while making dinner, I roasted a big batch of zucchini and yellow squash to have for during the week….

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