The Annual St. Patrick’s Day Party

by Courtney on March 18, 2012


Well, we’ve got another fun and successful St. Patrick’s Day party in the books! The day started fairly early yesterday for our annual 11:00am brunch. I seriously look forward to this every year because there’s always so many goodies. Check out this adorable rainbow and pot ‘o gold that Christina made. Is that not the […]


We’re All Pooped

by Courtney on July 4, 2011


I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely exhausted. After a long day at the movies (we saw Transformers 3…pretty good, not as good as the first two) and then a party, Jay and I just came home and are about ready to crash. Apparently, we’re not the only ones… Cody seems pretty pooped […]


I’ll Give You One Guess

by Courtney on May 14, 2011


You know those days where you have something to do and you figure, ahhh alright, I’ll be back in a few hours? No big deal, so you don’t worry about leaving the outside lights on or making sure your cat’s food bowl is filled. Yep, I had one of those days today. But not in […]