Does This Ever Happen To You Guys?

by Courtney on August 28, 2012


I’m so, so thankful for the fact that we have friends. Specifically, today, I’m thankful for our male friends who offered to give up some of their Tuesday evening to come and help Jay out with our back deck. Because if it wasn’t them out there, it’d be me…and that would just be bad for […]


And Now All I Want Is Cookies

by Courtney on May 15, 2012

Do you guys know what today is? I can’t believe I didn’t already know this… It’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Thanks for the heads up, Monica. I’m super bummed that I literally just found out about this because now I have to go into work, yet all I want to do is stay home […]


Four Random Thoughts

by Courtney on March 16, 2012


Well heyyyy, would ya look at that. Another breakfast-esque meal being eaten by me not at breakfast time. Shocking. I did, however, make the typical egg, provolone, and jam sandwich a little more lunch-worthy by adding a couple slices of low sodium deli turkey. Awesome combo, FYI! I also made sure to get some veggies […]


I Like It All

by Courtney on December 30, 2011

This morning, I spent some time doing a little bit of housekeeping on the main blog page here, so you may end up noticing a few differences. I also updated my “Featured Recipes,” which include three of my favorites from 2011. After that, I ended up wasting about 10 minutes laughing WAY too hard at […]


Fruit and Veggie Overload

by Courtney on April 18, 2011


Good news my friends! Dentist says I have no cavities AND my outrageous coffee addiction was not questioned or scolded. Even though I love my hygienist and she’s super sweet, I’m happy to not be heading back for another six months. By the time I got home from grocery shopping, I was pretty hungry, so […]