Weekly Meal Plan {3/15}

Italian Wedding Soup

Happy Sunday to you all! Has anyone been partaking in any fun St. Patrick’s Day festivities this weekend? We’ve been low-key on the partying front, but it has been a busy weekend, for sure. I’m hoping to be able to find some time today to meal plan and grocery shop for the week ahead…otherwise, we’re…

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Blogger Grocery Shopping

Before I proceed with any of this post, let me just preface by saying, “Trader Joe’s, please move closer to me.” Yesterday marked my first trip EVER to not one, but TWO foodie shopping heavens! And better yet, I got to experience it with a great group of ladies! (Thanks for the photo, Heather!) After…

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Spooks, Celebrations, & First Time Shopping!

G’Mornin’ Folks! It’s the weekend!!!! 😀 WOOT WOOT! Can I just tell you how psyched I was about my Friday evening? You may or may not be aware of the fact that I am obsessed with scary movies. Give me suspense, blood, gore, horror, terror…I love ‘em all. So it should be no surprise that…

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