Feel The Burn Circuit Workout

While I was at work on Monday, I ended up having some time in my day to put together a fun little circuit workout. Three days later, my quads, butt, and biceps are STILL feeling this workout. It’s a doozy…but in a good way!

feel the burn full body circuit
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When making weight selections, choose a weight that has you exhausted by your last rep. If you can do all 15 reps with no problem, it’s time to step it up a notch!

And since I know you guys really liked having the exercises photos as a reference last time, here is a rundown of the movements you see above.


Squats w/ Overhead Shoulder Press – Lower into squat position, and as you raise back up, press dumbbells overhead.

Front Lunge w/ Bent-Armed Lateral Raise – similar to the photo below, but keep your arms bent at 90 degrees. Lunge leg forward, raise dumbbells to sides, lower, and return leg to start position.

Plié Squats w/ Front Shoulder Raise – performed like this, but with a set of dumbbells

Back Lunge w/ Bicep Curls – Step one leg back into a lunge, curl dumbbell, lower, and return leg to start position.

Diamond Pushups – same movement as a regular pushup but with hands in a diamond shape

Static Lunges w/ Hammer Curls – Stand in a split stance with one foot forward and one leg back. Bend knees and lower body down until the back knee is a few inches from the floor. Curl dumbbells with palms facing inward. Push back up, without moving feet; finish all reps before switching sides.

One-Armed Bent Over Dumbbell Rows – Place one knee and opposite hand on a bench, with back parallel to floor. Opposite leg is on the ground and other hand is hanging straight down holding dumbbell. Lift dumbbell straight up to torso level, lower weight back to starting position; finish all reps before switching sides.

Have fun with this one! Smile

*As always, be sure to consult your physician before starting any exercise program if you have any existing medical conditions.*


  1. Khushboo says

    Have you tried Good Mornings? My hamstrings are still burning from doing them on Tuesday! Quick q- are regular lunges more effective than static lunges-I find the latter easier!
    Khushboo recently posted..Quirk it out!

  2. says

    Looks like a great workout!! I love how it’s not restricted to doing in a gym either. As long as you have some weights and space you could totally do this at home! Totally trying it sometime, thanks!! :)
    Caroline recently posted..WIAW!

  3. Annie says

    Thanks for posting some moves that combine two exercises, which I try to stick to a much as possible. As important as ST is, I can’t stand it and I’m always looking for more efficient ways to cut down time!

  4. Naomi says

    Thanks Courtney :)

    Just wondering, have u ever done p90x or turbo fire? I downloaded both of them yesterday and i’ll probably start one of them next week (procrastinating as usual :( ).

  5. Nicole G says

    HOLY CRAP….I did this workout today at lunch and I could only get through 2 circuits before my legs just about collapsed! I did the 3rd circuit but basically only did the upper body portion- I will be hurting tomorrow!

  6. Leslie says

    First off, congrats on the blog nomination, you have my vote!

    Second, my half-marathon training plan for thursdays is short run + weights. My favorite day because this girl can’t get enough of strength training and I was SO EXCITED to try this out. It.Destroyed!

    Thank you for posting it, my bum and thighs are so sore this morning, I’m very happy it’s a rest day, I need it!!!


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