New Treadmill Workout!

Hey friends! How’s the day going so far?

I spent a good amount of the morning today working on trying to get some things ready for Friday’s trip. I also ended up getting a package in the mail today filled with some goodies from SOYJOY to bring along with me.


SOYJOY is actually sponsoring my trip to the Blend Retreat, so I’m going to have lots of bars to hand out while I’m there. To anyone going, come find me and I’ll be happy to share the love!

The only thing I’m worried about is how they’re all going to fit. Oyy…

I’m notoriously awful at packing, which has got me totally thrown for a loop for my upcoming trip. The reason being is because I’ve decided that I’m not going to check a bag, which I think is the first time in history this is ever happening. Usually, I have no problem filling up my regular-sized suitcase…

But now I have to try and fit it all into that little purple carry on pictured above (pic from the old kitchen, wow). Ohh, good lord this is gonna be tough…

So if you happen to come across me while I’m at the Blend Retreat and something smells, it’ll probably me because I have no idea how I’m going to pack enough clothes amongst the rest of my crap.

I promise, I’m nice though, so that should make up for any stinky smells, right? Winking smile


New Workout!

In between work this morning, I also managed to get in a pretty awesome treadmill workout. I was flipping through the pages of the latest issue of SHAPE Magazine, and came across a workout that they put together, so I put my own spin on things which ended up looking a little somethin’ like this:

35 minute hiit treadmill intervals

It’s been a while since I’ve done the 40/20 HIIT intervals, so I kept my speeds out of the “insanely fast” zone, but it still ended up being a great run/walk routine and covers just around 3 miles.

Tonight I have my late shift at work, so I’ve got a few things to finish up around here before heading out. Just a heads up – be on the lookout for some and festive dessert recipes later on! Winking smile


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    I’m the worlds worst packer…one night trip to the UK last week and I had to literally sit on my handluggage to get it on board! (Ryanair are so strict, one piece, no handbag allowed :() Wish I there to try some soy joy, they always sounds so good, wonder will they ever reach our shores!??! Workout pinned! :)
    Michelle@Peachy Palate recently posted..Sweet Sweet Mango

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    i’m terrible at packing too! my suitcase is always a big heaping mess! but i recently discovered eagle creek pack-it cubes (there are other brands too) and i am IN LOVE with them! they keep everything super compact and organized. i asked the husband if he wanted some too and he said no (he thought they were pointless) but during our trip he saw how orderly my bag stayed and he told me when he got home that he should’ve gotten some too :)
    erica recently posted..{the honeymoon}: ROMA pt.2

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    I used to think I had to run fast the entire time to get a great workout but now I am in love with treadmill interval workouts. They somehow make me sweat so much more and I love that!
    And I love packing, I’m weird. its the organization, list crossing off, ocd in me!
    Lindsay @ Fuel My Family recently posted..Dark Chocolate Brownies

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    I’m trying to avoid thinking about packing right now…my hubby and I are getting ready to go to Europe for almost a month so I’ll need to plan for that! We’re just going to pack for a few days at a time though, and do laundry every few days. Otherwise we’ll be carrying everything on our backs since we’re planning on backpacking across several countries…
    Justine@LifeWithCheeseburgers recently posted..Healthy Master Granola Recipe

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