Let Me Tell You a Little Story…

…about what happens when you get lazy.

I had grand plans for dinner last night. I had bought a head of cauliflower at the store last week with all intentions of making some sort of mashed concoction with it. I’d read recipes, seen photos, and was pumped to give ‘em a shot; especially since I’d already attempted and made them successfully with potatoes.

So last night, I set out on making my mashed cauliflower. I was so into it that I even tried roasting a head of garlic for the first time (<—if you’ve never done this, promise me you will…it’s incredible. Just follow these simple steps).

Unfortunately, my plan backfired all thanks to the fact that I was too lazy to want to cook the cauliflower in a pot on the stove. I didn’t want to have to wash another pot?! So I decided to microwave it instead…and the damn stuff barely ever got soft.


After about 15 minutes of microwaving, and everything else already cooked by this point, I threw my hands up in the air saying ehhhh-ohhhh, baby let’sss go said “Oh, screw it!” and just went ahead and continued making the recipe. Ughh, so disappointing.

And the real kicker? Had I just cooked and prepared them in the pot, I would have had the same amount of dishes. I’m such a terd.


Luckily, the flavor of them wasn’t all that bad, so I was still able to eat and enjoy them along with some grilled, marinated chicken tenders and corn. Not the most colorful of dinners, but whateverrrr.

Hopefully all of you managed to get through your own dinners last night without any major snafus. Winking smile



Hey, at least I managed to get through breakfast without any issues.


I stole a bunch of Jay’s grapes for a little extra sweetness along with my yummy breakfast sandwich this morning.


Whole wheat English muffin, one fried egg, provolone cheese, turkey bacon, and raspberry jam.


All sorts of good stuff goin’ on right there I’ll tell ya!

Questions for the Morning:

When’s the last time your laziness came back to bite ya in the rear end? Winking smile

Any epic recipe fails lately?


  1. says

    Mashed cauliflower is such a particular recipe! I actually tried roasting the cauliflower to try and get a better flavor than boiled. I thought it would be cooked through and soft, but it turns out though roasting does not lead to mashing! Ha ha my cauliflower ended up looking like yours, a ‘rustic mash’ as I called it.. :) Still tasted delicious though!
    Jana @ Newly Wife Healthy Life recently posted..An Icy Situation

  2. says

    Well, it didn’t necessarily bite me in the rear, but last night, I had full intentions of making banana soft serve with this fancy-schmancy peanut butter my mom bought me, and some protein powder, but I didn’t want to break out the food processor. Instead, I dug through the deep freeze and found a French Apple Pie by Sara Lee. Yes, it actually took longer, as there were two cooking cycles, and I had to let it cool before I could have any, but I didn’t have to break out the food processor!

    In hindsight, the pie was actually a lot more work. Banana soft serve is too easy to whip up for its own good.
    Beks recently posted..Week Three~C’est Finis, and a movie.

  3. kristin says

    still looks good to me :) and your breakfast is making me drool, considering I only brought a fiber one chewy granola bar with me today – so hungry

  4. says

    Yes I made burger buns four times over. It’s a recipe I’ve made countless times but I was too impatient to do the required kneading….eventually I gave in and they worked perfectly! Laziness….sticking everything in the dishwasher….then forgetting that you will run out of dishes and end up either having it put it on prematurely or hand wash what you need anyway.
    Michelle@Peachy Palate recently posted..As Precious as gold

  5. Barbara says

    I can totally relate to your story. I LOVE to cook and bake … not so joyful about the cleaning up part of it. I make my mashed cauliflower by cooking the cauliflower in a pot with chicken broth, then drain off the broth when it’s soft and throw in 2 or 3 Laugh Cow cheese wedges (the garlic and herb ones are especially good for this). That’s all there is to it- and only one pot to clean :-)

  6. says

    I am actually being lazy right now. I had planned to wake up early so that I could get my sweet potato home fries in for breakfast along with my bacon and eggs. I didn’t feel like preparing everything for the fries, and then cleaning everything up afterwards so I had to settle for just the other two. I blame it on the rain! You have to blame something, right? =)
    Shane recently posted..Kale? Gross!

  7. says

    Don’t you just hate when you make a cooking attempt and it totally fails? So disappointing, but it happens to the best of us!

    My problem is I usually am trying to make recipes a bit healthier, which NORMALLY turns out great. But a few weekends ago I tried to make these breakfast quinoa muffin cups and apparently my attempt to make them healthier also made them very bland and not so tasty. Lesson learned: experiment, but make sure to do this first before serving others (unless it is close family members who will pretty much try anything)!
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..Roasted Part 4: Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli, Cauliflower, & Zucchini + Seasoned Quinoa

  8. says

    I always get really lazy too and just want to microwave everything. And then I realize that it ends up taking as much time to microwave so many different things that i could have just cooked them on the stove for the same amount of time, and it would have tasted 1000x better. When I’m feeling really lazy, though, I just go to Trader Joe’s to buy pre-cooked grilled chicken because the thought of putting in the effort to actually grill food is too much for me sometimes
    Sarah recently posted..Tuesday Tangents

  9. says

    We had a Korean bbq sale over the weekend and some of the guys didn’t know how to make rice in a rice cooker…. there was SO MUCH rice and barely any water… so it came out super undercooked. FAIL. <— except my older brother got there and attempted to fix all the rice by re-cooking it with the right ratios and he was able to do it!
    michelle kim recently posted..A Calling

  10. says

    I feel your pain. Did you chop your cauliflower into pieces before microwaving? I am often too lazy to boil mine too, but find that pieces in a big, covered bowl get soft within 5ish minutes.

    Then you can whip them in the food processor (I use Laughing Cow/cream cheese and parmesan) no problem! Totally one of my favorite side dishes.

  11. Ciara says

    What kind of turkey bacon do you use? I want to start incorporating it into more meals but I’m not sure which is the best.

  12. Shannon says

    I found a recipe on Pinterest for Instant Microwave Macaroni and Cheese. I decided, “Hey, what the heck? This will make for a quick and easy dinner. I don’t even have to use a pot to boil the water for the noodles.” It worked out ok. Unfortunately, I put a little too much milk in and there was still some remaining below the macaroni and cheese. I gave it a second shot, but I think if I ever do make myself macaroni and cheese again, I’m going to get my butt out of the chair and boil the noodles/make it the right way. :)

  13. says

    Eggplant marinara…I don’t know what went wrong but it was awful. :/ I don’t know if the eggplant just got a bit old since I had had it in my refrigerator for a few days or what. But yeah. Awful. I’ll let someone else do the cooking with eggplant the next time around!

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