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Okay, so I have had the most random memory in my head all morning…

While I was getting ready for work earlier, I was watching the news and heard the story about how Annette Funicello has passed away. Of course, hearing any news that someone has died is always a sad thing, but even after the story was over, I could not get her name out of my head. And then I realized that everytime I was saying her name in my head, I was saying it as “Annette Funny-Jello;” and then it dawned on me…

I was remembering the episode of Full House (wayyy back in 1991) where she and Frankie Avalon were on!


Joey was getting the chance to be on a TV series with them and Michelle kept calling her Annette Funny Jello. Pleeeeeease tell me that someone else remembers this?! I know I’m not the only former Full House fan out there!

But anyways…I told you that was random, right? 😉 Moving forward…

Let’s talk about last night’s dinner because ohhhhh was it awesome.


Check that out…I’m eating veggies. And lots of ’em too! Admittedly, veggies haven’t been at the top of my list these days, but last night there was nothing that sounded better than a big, veggie-filled salad. By the time I got home from work, Jay was already home and chopping up some of the veggies which totally made the salad a gazillion times better. You guys know what I mean!


My salad was filled with lettuces, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, red onion, red bell pepper, pickles, cheese, dried cranberries, leftover garlic chicken from Sunday, and a couple croutons. Jay also decided to throw a random tortilla strip on there, in case you happen to spot that. What a goober.

On the side, I heated up a couple pieces of TJ’s naan for the two of us, and topped them with some of this garlic cheese spread stuff that we have. It’s delicious.


A couple of hours later, the two of us were in the mood for a little something sweet, so we broke into our favorite after-dinner treat from the past two nights…

cookie butter and trefoils

Yes, that would be Trefoils girl scout cookies topped with TJ’s cookie butter. I opened this jar up over the weekend, and Jay has suddenly become obsessed. Not that I blame him…the stuff is UN-believable. We each enjoyed a few cookie butter topped cookies before tucking them back away in the pantry for the evening. It definitely would not be hard to go overboard on those!

The two of us spent the rest of the evening lounging and watching The Voice, and I must say that I am really loving Shakira and Usher on this season. The four judges feed off of each other so well and they are just downright funny if you ask me. We also had a few good laughs at Baby Tooth, who was very obviously making his presence known last night…we had a blast watching my belly move and seeing him kick and jump around in there. I swear, at one point he must have done a full flip…I think he liked the cookie butter too. 😉

Speaking of which…the Baby Tooth page was updated this morning!

Question for the Morning:

Were you a Full House fan back in the day? What were some of your favorite 90’s shows?

I know I won’t even be able to get them all here, but immediate ones that come to mind: Boy Meets World, Family Matters, Saved By the Bell, 90210, Home Improvement, The Fresh Prince, The Wonder Years (mostly because everyone told me growing up I looked just like Winnie Cooper), Step By Step, Blossom.


  1. says

    I freaking LOVED Full House but I don’t remember that…I remember every other thing from that TV show! haha!

    I have to agree with Usher and Shakira on the Voice. I wasn’t sure how it’d play out, but it’s been really entertaining and fun so far.
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..The Power Playlist

  2. says

    Ohhhhhhhh, I was/am the biggest Full House fan! It’s funny you say that because the only reason I knew who she was when I heard that she died was because of Full House! Boy Meets World was one of my absolute favorites, and I’m so excited it’s coming back! I pretty much lived for Friday night for TGIF. Those were the days!

  3. says

    I loved Full House! I used to watch it all the time! I remember that episode too! I also liked Saved by the Bell and the Fresh Prince. I still watch the reruns…lol! BTW…your salad looks delicious!

  4. says

    I watched all of those- step by step (the song is in my mind now, step by step, day by day lalalala), family matters, full house which a patient at work was watching the other day. I got into it :) I miss those shows so much.
    Sara @ fitcupcaker recently posted..Twins and Deadlifts

  5. says

    Naan is just TOO darn good!! And topping it with a garlic cheese spread sounds amazing!!

    I was a MAJOR Full House fan back in the day. I swear I have seen every episode at least 5 times. I also really enjoyed Beverly Hills 90210, Dawson’s Creek, and Clarissa Explains it All…to name a few!
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..Breakfast Veggie Pita Pizza

  6. says

    oh my goodness — I watched this episode again just last week! My mom has MS, so this was a particularly striking/touching/sad news story, but I’m glad she can finally be in peace. So glad I was not the only one to remember this episode…

  7. says

    Oh my gosh, Full House was my jam. I loved that show. I remember coming home from school and turning it on right away.
    Totally remember that episode. I wish they still played re-runs, I can’t seem to find those over here.

  8. says

    You are not alone! I totally remember that (and all) of the Full House episodes! Lately I can not stop quoting things from the movie My Girl. Not a tv show, but one of my favorite 90’s flicks.

  9. says

    So funny, I remember that too! My favorite episode was when Michelle got her head stuck in the stair railing. My sister’s niece actually had that happen on Easter and they used EVOO to get her head out! All she could do was laugh about Full House (once everyone was safe!), but no one else got it.

    Favorite 90’s show has to be Dawson’s Creek, although I didn’t watch it until much later. Also, Boy Meets World!
    Emily @The Good Era recently posted..Take Time Tuesday

  10. says

    Definitely watched most of those shows, except for Blossom & not a whole lot of 90210 for some reason?

    I have Biscoff spread at home but I’ve never tried TJ’s cookie butter… I’ve always heard they are similar and thought they were the same but maybe not. If you’ve tried Biscoff, which do you like better?

  11. Becky Przy says

    That is the first thing I thought of when I heard she died. If it weren’t for full house I wouldn’t even have known who it was. An older man that came in for an appt at work was commenting on it to me. I almost mentioned the “funny jello” but I thought he might think I was nuts.

  12. Lynds says

    Ha, that was the first thing I thought of too .. I actually texted my sisters and said “Annette Funny Jello passed away today” and they both got it .. I miss all the great shows we grew up with ..

  13. says

    I watched so many 90s shows, but Full House and Boy Meets World took away a majority of my time! I still can’t get enough! I love the Voice this season with Shakira and Usher! I’m just glad I don’t have to stare at Christina’s cleavage anymore. Sorry, but not sorry… She needs to realize she’s getting older, has a child, and should probably conceal her bittys a bit more!
    Lauren recently posted..The Resting Period

  14. says

    90s TV was the BEST and I totally remember that Full House episode! I was a fan of the entire TGIF lineup, as well as Nickelodeon’s shows, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Clarissa, Hey Dude, etc. Dawson’s Creek, 90210…I miss those shows!
    Trisha recently posted..Dog People

  15. JenG says

    When i saw she died yesterday i was telling my husband about it. His response..”who is that” Mine…”you mean to tell me you didn’t watch Full House?!”
    That was my favorite show ever. Alf was a close second.

  16. Karen says

    Two things about this blog post :
    1) I had the EXACT same thought about full house when I hear about Annette this morning!! Love it!
    2) How have i never thought to put peanut butter on Trefoils before!! Thanks for the idea!!

    As always great blog, I look forward to reading each day!

  17. says

    Full house is on Nick now and I am so guilty of watching it at night. That show was the best, but I can definitely see why my brother would get so annoyed when I would put it on. When I watch it now all I can think is “how corny” and “man, Stephanie really is annoying.” but it is still the best. I loved boy meets world, blossom, fresh prince, sister sister, mr. cooper, rugrats, doug…. oh so much goodness.
    Jacquelyn @justjacq recently posted..Weekend Recap

  18. says

    Fullhouse fan!!
    I watch the replays still!!
    I don’t remember that episode though lol.
    Sorry it’s just you lol.

    That salad looks yummy!
    Cookie butter Oh my gawd.

    I love 90 shows.
    Sister Sister, All that, Full house,
    Saved by the bell, Family Matters,
    Fresh Prince, Boy Meets World,
    and don’t let me start on the cartoons like Doug & Rugrats!

  19. Tori L says

    I totally thought the exact same thing with the Full House episode too! So glad I’m not flying solo : ) I also loved Boy Meets World too, and am sooo excited that they’re bringing it back with Cory & Topanga’s daughter with Girl Meets World – Just hope it lives up to the quality of BMW!

  20. says

    I loved house! Me and my girlfriend Callie totally went through a phase where we were OBSESSED with Mark-Kate and Ashley because of full house. I also loved SmartBoy and Boy Meets World. I totally have a salad almost exactly like that waiting for me all packed up in my bag for lunch today. I. Am. So. Excited.
    Lyric recently posted..So many Tangents

  21. Nicole says

    The Voice is soo good this season!! Your right, Shakira and Usher MAKE the cast. They’re all such goofs I love it. Greatttt show. And I love all your throwback 90’s tv shows, when tv was really good :)

  22. says

    Definite Full House fan over here! Although I don’t remember that particular episode, sounds like a good one though :) And cookie butter ah! It’s SO good. I’m allergic to the wheat in it so I really shouldn’t buy it…but occasionally it’s worth the side effects haha
    Meghan @ After the Ivy League recently posted..Back to the Grind

  23. says

    It is so funny that you brought this up today. My HUSBAND actually remembers the Full House moment and he was talking about it last night. I, on the other hand, don’t remember it at all. And I actually LOVED Full House. So I can’t believe that I don’t remember that moment! 😉
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..40 Weeks: Ready or Not …

  24. Nick says

    I had the SAME thought this morning. “Are you Annette Funny Jello?” I think her response was “Yes sometihng like that” with a very sweet smile.

  25. says

    What child from the 90’s wasn’t a Full House fan? I remember that episode vividly, probably because I shamelessly just saw the rerun a few days ago. :)

  26. says

    Oh I just love salad. So delicious! I’ve never had “naan”.. not quite sure what it is! Full House was the awesomest show ever. I think everyone wanted to be the Tanner’s! It still makes it on my tv a few times a week since it’s always playing!
    Leigha recently posted..Family is Key

  27. Lilly says

    I totally remember that episode, and it was the first thing I thought of when I heard the news! :( ABC Family plays Full House re-runs almost every night – I am very well known for putting it on in the background while I’m doing other things around the house.

  28. says

    True life: I was once known as “Full House girl” because I was so obsessed with that show. Addicted. I could recite every episode, pretty much. And yep, totally remember that one and thought the same thing when I heard of her passing.

    Everything about that meal looks so good- the salad, the naan, the dessert! I need to remember to buy pickles for my salads. I always forget about them!
    Angela @ Health’s Angel recently posted..Rapunzel Wannabe

  29. Julia says

    I definitely loved Full House! And Saved By the Bell, Fresh Prince, and most of those you already mentioned. Also, what is cookie butter?! We sadly don’t have a Trader Joe’s near us, so I’ve never seen it, but it looks like something my husband would become obsessed with too!

  30. says

    Hahahah I wonder if I saw that episode, though I feel like I did see her on the show! Gaaah I used to watch it MAINLY in Spanish since I grew up in Argentina, so some jokes or lines don’t quite translate smoothly…haha. And omgness those cookies look addictive and supa buttery!
    Ellie@Fit for the Soul recently posted..Thoughts on the Nesting Syndrome

  31. says

    Looks like my kind of salad! I love putting pickles in my salad…tastes so much better.
    I was born in ’95 so I did not watch those. I however watched those other kid channels and lots of Barbie movies. When i was 10-15 I did however always watch the Cosby Show and Home Improvement when I got home from school because it would come on. And one summer I watched all the Friends Episodes. I love Friends. I could watch it all dayyyy
    Audrey @ In Shape Cupcake recently posted..KettleBell Killer Kardio

  32. Jessica Kane says

    Is it bad that I’m literally watching Full House reruns as we speak? Haha was flipping through and just had to stop, this show reminds me of being a kid! And I feel like I caught he “Annette Funny Jello” episode like a month ago! :)

  33. says

    Oh, Full House! The greatest show ever. I was so obsessed that my mom had to talk me out of getting a DJ Tanner hair cut in grade 3 (à la spiky hedgehog variety).

    I haven’t tried cookie butter. What is it similar to?

    • Courtney says

      Tough to say…it’s almost kind of got a gingerbread flavor to it? It’s unlike anything I’ve ever had…just delicious!

  34. Stacie Smith says

    I have seen every episode of Full House and I remember that episode! Danny was star struck when he met Annette. It’s sad that she died from MS complications. A family member of mine has that disease. It’s hard to live with.

  35. says

    OMG I totally had the same memory in my head all day too! I kept hearing the little dialog between Michelle and Annette where Michelle goes “Are you Annette Funny-Jello?” and Annette goes “Something like that…” Too funny! I was definitely a Full House fan way back when! That and Boy Meets World were probably my favorites


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