WIAW: Our First Duo Trip Out!

Well, Lucas and I successfully survived our first duo trip out of the house yesterday!

My and my little man trekked it out to the grocery store, and even though it may have wound up taking us over an hour to actually get out the door, the trip went super smooth. He slept pretty much the whole time we were out, making for one happy mama.

By the time we got back home, I thought for sure he’d be fussing and ready to eat…but nope. He was still passed out.


Tough life, isn’t it? Winking smile

So I actually have a WIAW post for you guys today! This is everything, as always, that I had on Tuesday, so feel free to take a peek!


Cereal combo once again (Multigrain Cheerios + Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch) with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and banana slices + an iced coffee.


Yep, this is pretty much how things look around the living room these days. A random assortment of food, baby books, thank you cards, nipple cream, and baby stuff. That’s how I roll right now. Winking smile

Mid-Morning Snack

Our friend Andrea stopped by over the weekend (I think? I can’t keep track of my days) and dropped off some homemade mini quiches and mini donut muffins. Both are absolutely delicious, and I love how I can grab them both quick for a snack. I had a mini quiche yesterday morning, as well as an unpictured mini donut muffin. SO good.



Last week, my mom dropped off a variety of meals for us to have and/or freeze, with one of them being some eggplant parmesan. She told me that she didn’t really love how it turned out (it wasn’t technically homemade and didn’t have her awesome sauce) but I said I’d take it anyways.


Unfortunately, she was right and it wasn’t super spectacular. There was a lot of breading so I tried to eat up the eggplant and leave a bunch of the other stuff behind. Ahh well, whatcha gonna do?

Since lunch was sort of a bust, I wound up back out in the kitchen and snacked on some baby carrots with hummus and then an iced oatmeal cookie Clif Z Bar.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

A few hours later I was hungry again so I snacked on (way more than I should have) some of my favorite Target trail mix. Stuff. Is. Dangerous.



Last night my in-laws came over for dinner so Jay took care of cooking up a quick dinner of cheeseburgers on the grill and some Alexia tater tots. Another simple, yet delicious meal from the grill. YUM.



Didn’t wind up snapping a photo, but a enjoyed a couple scoops of ice cream to top off the evening. Jay and I have actually been enjoying our fair share of ice cream these days…I’m pretty sure we wind up eating it more days than not. Hey…oh well. Smile

Time to go snuggle with my Lucas…I’ll catch you guys later!


  1. says

    Awww LOVE that photo of him snoozin’ on the ground. So cute. I love watching Hunter sleep…I could do it all day. :) Glad your first outing together went well! I remember our first outing just the two of us was Hunter’s first visit to the pediatrician. I couldn’t figure out how to loosen the carseat to get Hunter in it (DOH!), so I was freaking out that we were going to be late and have to reschedule. I finally figured it out and we got there just in time, but then his apnea monitor went off in the doctor’s office (false alarm), so I FREAKED again. Ahhh I was a mess that morning. LOL. Sounds like you guys had a much less eventful outing!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..WIAW #92: Lunch with Annette

  2. Kathryn says

    I would love if Andrea popped by and left us a recipe for her mini quiches. With hubby getting up at 4:30 am, those would be great to make ahead of time, and just heat up for him in the morning.

    That first trip out of the house, just the two of you, is quite fun, isn’t it?

  3. says

    Look at his little long legs!!! Too cute!!!

    As I was reading about your mom dropping off food, I couldn’t help but wonder just how much they are loving Lucas!!! I bet they never want to leave with him being the first precious grand baby!!!
    Suzanne @ Mixing It Up recently posted..What I Ate Weekend

  4. says

    Love the mini quiches. Great that your friends and family are taking care of you so well with food and treats! I was starving the first few weeks postpartum (or at least felt that way). 😉
    susan recently posted..What I Ate Yesterday

  5. says

    So happy that the first out together went well! I adore the picture of him sleeping on the ground, such a little cutie.
    I think I need to go on a hunt for those Alexia tater tots. I’ve seen the sweet potato fries, but the tater tots would be pretty perfect. And can’t go wrong with ice cream 😉
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted..WIAW: Eating With the Parents.

  6. Whitney says

    I know you aren’t going to document about losing the baby weight on the blog but I was curious if you had plans to reign in your diet or just let it be. Do you have any goals for getting your body back? You don’t have to respond if you don’t feel comfortable, but I was JW! Congrats on the perfect little man! :)

    • Courtney says

      No, I have no plans and no goals right now. My main focus is on my little man and just being able to eat whatever I quickly have access to. I’m sure once we start to get more of a routine down, I’ll be able to spend more time on healthy meals.

      • krissi says

        As a new mom, even if you do NO exercise at all, but care for a newborn (plus just living -showering, cooking, thinking mentally…and as a very young woman…) you need a TON of calories…don’t even think about cutting back. If anything you need more — trust me: your body and metabolism need it. You’ll be swell. And I eat ice cream EVERY night (and more than just a “couple” scoops :)

  7. says

    Lucas is SO precious and tiny. I love his little booties (or are they socks?) And orange is his color…or perhaps he looks cute in everything? Great that people are making you food – one less thing you need to worry about so you can enjoy the first days of motherhood.

    Oh, and I’m a mini quiche fan too (though I call them egg muffins haha)
    Jamie @ Sometimes Healthy Living Blog recently posted..WIAW: Shameless Reality TV

  8. says

    YES for the first trip out! Many more to come, I hope! Mommys need to get fresh air, too! And I think ice cream is a must-do during the summer. It almost feels like an obligation because the summer comes and goes too quickly! Then, it’s time for hot cocoa and popcorn on chillier nights!

  9. says

    Awww you’re doing great! Glad you’re getting out of the house right away, so good for you! I only have nephews but my friends that have kids say it’s necessary to keep your sanity!

  10. says

    Yay for making it out the door yesterday! That’s great news – I’m sure it’ll get easier as you get used to it. I think it’s so important that new moms get out of the house by themselves with the baby(ies). I’m planning on doing the same, even if it takes TWO hours to get out. 😉

  11. Nala says

    Congratulations on your first duo trip! It’s nice that Lucas was sleeping most of the time =) He is TOO cute =) It was also great to read your WIAW posts, I kinda missed them. And I agree Trail mix and (for me – nuts) is dangerous stuff!

  12. says

    I’m so behind on my blog reading these days, but now that I’m all caught up on all things baby Lucas, I just wanted to send out a super huge congratulations to you! He is perfectly precious, and the simple, baby-filled days you explain sound absolutely wonderful. Enjoy your time together!
    Trisha recently posted..I Could Lift You Up


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