Weekend Wrap-Up


Okay, I think I’m finally starting to catch up a bit here. Maybe…okay, probably not. But at least I’m making progress on the blogging front! Our weekend was great, thanks to some fun with friends and getting productive around the house. And a big highlight was celebrating Lucas’s pal Kaura’s 2nd birthday. He was so…

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Weekend Highlights {8/11}


I seriously don’t think that the weather could have gotten any nicer this weekend. We spent as much time as humanly possible that we could outdoors, either in the pool, by the pool, or in the yard having picnic lunches. Saturday afternoon we spent a good part of our afternoon hanging out in the backyard…

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All I Really Wanted


Hey guys. Sorry to leave ya all hangin’ yesterday. It basically ended up being the culmination of a few really – to be blunt – shitty days, and I just didn’t have it in me to write and be cheery. Truth is, I’m still sort of miserable but I’m working through it. Just another bump…

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