Babies in Swimsuits & Yoga with a Buddy

Hey, thanks so much for all the “congrats” yesterday, you guys! I don’t think it’ll ever feel “natural” to glance down and see my face in a magazine or splashed across a TV screen, so I’m still sort of soaking it all in. So weird, so cool.

Since yesterday’s post was a bit different from my usual Monday recap of the weekend, I figured I’d go ahead and share a few pics now. In fact, this post is probably gonna be a little all over the place but we’ll just go with it.

I spent Saturday with some of my best girlfriends setting up for (and celebrating!) my friend Eileen’s bridal shower. It was a busy and super fun day, and it left me wiped and ready for bed early.

On Sunday, Jay and I had our friends Kanika and Shaheen over, along with their cutie pie little girl, Kaura, for lunch and a play date. Considering their last play date was months ago, we figured they were due.

And, umm, the adults were overdue, too.

So the four of us hung out outside while the babes played at the water table and in the kiddie pool.


I’ll tell ya…babies in swimsuits will just never, ever get old. Watching the two of them play together was just so fun, and they seemed to be having such a good time.


That is…except for when Kaura started splashing in the pool. She was having a total blast in there and Lucas turned into total cry baby mode.


Does it make me a bad parent to say that this is now another one of my favorite photos of him? Winking smile

After a little while of playing and chatting, the babies sat and had their lunch…


Then the adults had theirs. Pizza on the grill, baby.


And ya know what? The only thing I can take credit for up there is the salad…all four of those grilled pizzas were made completely by Jay. I was so impressed! We had two cheese, a white pizza with fresh tomatoes, and one with peppers and onions. So, so good.

Thanks to Kanika and Shaheen, we also had dessert. Oh myyyy, did we have dessert.


A nice assortment of jumbo cupcakes. I mean, pizza on the grill AND cupcakes. Talk about winning.

It was a great afternoon spent with friends, indeed. That evening, I wound up getting a little bit of a burst of energy shortly before Lucas went to bed, so I decided that I’d do a little yoga once he was actually down. I just did a quick, 20 minute video but it felt great, as always.

Actually, I realized that I never really filled you in on my yoga class that I took last week!


So I coerced my friend Morgan at work to sign up for a Living Social deal with me at a local yoga studio, since we’ve both been saying that it was something we wanted to try. The deal is for 5 classes, which we figured would give us a chance to try out a few different types of classes, and the first class we attempted was a vinyasa style.


Oddly enough, it was just the two of us in the class (we assumed maybe it was because there was a sub teacher, not sure?). The class itself was alright, but not a favorite. I was surprised, because most vinyasa style yoga I’ve done is pretty fast paced and keeps you moving…but this one was very, very basic. Relaxing, but a bit boring.

But hey, ya know what? The two of us still had fun and we’re so excited to head back for a few more classes (hopefully next week, since this week is out for both of us). And, of course, we both made sure to hydrate properly, post-workout some Propel.



So yes, I have Propel and their Add Flavor Challenge, to thank for getting me out of my comfort zone a bit and trying a different kind of workout with a friend this month. And better yet, we’re totally planning on continuing this challenge for ourselves in the weeks to come. Because, as much as I enjoy working out at home, working out with a buddy can be a freakin’ blast!

What do you guys think? Do you prefer and/or enjoy working out with a friend? What are some of your fave “buddy” exercises and/or workouts?

Disclaimer: This post is part of my partnership with Propel. All opinions, as always, are my own.


  1. says

    90% of the time I will choose working out with a friend over solo workouts. But every once in a while I just need a few minutes to sweat it out solo. And I agree–babies in bathing suits are absolutely the best.
    Runner Girl Eats recently posted..Summer Playlist

  2. says

    First of all, pizza on the grill is so, so good!
    I love working out with a friend. One of my girlfriends and I used to meet every morning at 6am for our daily workouts. It was also great because she was willing to try new classes with me so I wasn’t alone.
    Brynn recently posted..Summer Kick-off Weekend

  3. says

    What a fantastic afternoon! And that picture of Lucas is totally adorable and doesn’t make you a bad mother at all. :) Crying babies are cute too! :)

  4. says

    Cute pictures of the kiddos! I have not taken vinyasa yet but maybe would like it if its a bit more up paced than the normal yoga classes that I have been to! I love the idea of yoga but have not found one that I am in love with yet. I typically like to have a workout partner and preferably someone who works out harder than me so it pushes me harder :)
    Kim @FITsique recently posted..Name Your Favorite…

  5. says

    Those pizzas looks delicious!

    If you like yoga classes where you really “work”, I’d suggest an ashtanga class. It’s a set series of poses so it doesn’t change. Usually I’m sweating in the first few minutes!
    Fiona @ Get Fit Fiona recently posted..Little Changes

  6. says

    Those cupcakes…and the pizza! Heaven in the sunshine!! I love working out with a friend, always makes the time go by and introduces a fun and social aspect..! It’s why I love going to classes so much.

  7. says

    Ok, Lucas in a swimsuit is too precious. We just busted out a teeny bikini for my little girl (just turned 1).

    Yoga looked so relaxing! I do all my workouts at home now, so I miss the group atmosphere. You are looking great, by the way!
    Emily @ Emilia de la Playa recently posted..nash bash

  8. Anna says

    I like going to classes with friends – especially Zumba. But when I know I need to do a really focused work out, such as running or lifting, I prefer to do those alone and at my own rate/pace.

  9. says

    i definitely work out solo almost always, but i enjoy a good class or working out with my best friend every now and then as well. i used to do a lot more group classes and use a trainer, but after 2 years of that, i just save the money and discipline myself to do all of the boot camp stuff solo. :)

  10. says

    Baby lucas with sunglassess :) he is an adorable good looking baby!!

    Working out with a partner… That’s my dream!! I always -ALWAYS- workout alone. Not many people I know are on the healthy train, and most of them don’t like to lift weights or anything for the matter. I’m lucky enough if I get people to workout with me more than once, they always have an excuse. Bummer!! That’s why I’m friends with all DVD stars 😛 you got to do what you got to do right?
    jess @dearhealthyness recently posted..Why Vegan?

  11. says

    I cannot get over those photos of the babes! So adorable. We have a photo of Hunter crying in our family photo shoot several months ago, and it’s one of my all time favorite photos of him. 😉

    Ohhh my, amazing job on the pizzas, Jay! They look incredible. And jumbo sized cupcakes are always a good idea. Yum.
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..These Are Some SMART Bars

  12. says

    Your baby boy is so freakin adorable!! I saw that one pic on instagram and just about died. And I know exactly what you mean with a slow yoga class.. I simply can’t do it. I feel like I just want to do ten sun salutations in the time they do one; drives me absolutely bananas. But if you’re looking for a great yoga dvd that is the complete opposite of that, Jillian Michaels has a great one. It’s basically yoga on crack… or steroids, you be the judge. As for working out with a buddy, it depends.. I’m so sporadic with my schedule, sometimes it’s way easier to just get up and go if I’m feeling motivated rather than checking with a friend if they’d want to go and/or waiting for them.
    And a belated congrats on everything with the magazine and tv!! You’re famous!
    Libby recently posted..The Beauty of June Continues

  13. says

    hahaha call me crazy, but I think crying babies are tooo cute! To be honest, I’ve only worked out with a friend like, 2x before. I think I’m a bit selfish when it comes to my workout time and don’t like to waste even a second just walking around, which is what many people do. Since my friends and I aren’t necessarily in the same place when it comes to fitness and I get impatient wanting to go at my own pace, we both don’t help each other out much in that regard. :( That sounds so bad, haha. I do love to help them separately, but not necessarily work out at the same time.


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